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Thread: Adding new ways to get Coins

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    Adding new ways to get Coins

    It would be nice to be able to collect coins from community buildings such as the cafe, toy store, or restaurants. For someone in a low level position it takes a long time to purchase needed buildings and factories to keep up with orders. Being able to collect coins from businesses would greatly help.

    Another idea could be to add a spin wheel for daily prizes like coins or cash.
    I understand the need to make money off this game but at the same time, if it's taking me forever to up levels, I'll lose interest in it. It's a very fun addicting game but at the same time it's very slow and I think the price of coins for how much you get is a bit high too. I would definitely purchase coins but the price is too high for what you get and for what you do get, it's about the cost of 2 or 3 buildings. That doesn't seem worth it to me. Maybe different variations, more options, and slightly lower prices would help that as well.

    So my point...New ways to get coins through buildings and spin wheels of some sort AND different options and prices for purchasing more coins.
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    Linaky, I always thought it would b fun to "tap" on the cars, mountain climbing/fishing guy, scuba dude, and fish popping up in the water to earn some coins... It would give us something to do while we r waiting, and earn a few coins to boot...

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    Exactly! Like right now I'm stuck cause I either don't have enough coins to build or dollars to hire the market guy again to help me fill orders. Having fun ways to get extra coins would be so helpful!

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    Linaky, JIC you haven't noticed yet: using the double-coins-booster (has something with "Customer" in its name) with heli offers helps very much with getting coins. (prepare your factories for its run, and still delete all requests that ask for more than one item and all under 1000 (at least!)).

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