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Thread: 24.04 Township Caption

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    Cow : What is your wish to be granted by me, Super Cow?
    Pig : I wish I would be in space and become a space farmer and produce crops and become the best that they will honour me as the Best Space Farmer and get lot of money! He! He!

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    Cow: Yeeeeah, if you could come in Saturday and dig up those carrots that'd be moooarvolous!!! Pig: But...I was planning on going out with the girls and drinking some swine..

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    Cow: give me some bacon!
    Pig: what is the magic word?
    Cow: uuum..... please? ☺️

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    Pig: when can I take a break?
    Cow: whenever will you start to produce milk

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    Cow: I love being on this throne. You know, I had an uncle that was a knight.
    Pig: Was his name Sir Loin?

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    Hey you like my new whip? Who die and made you Captain cow? Daisy!

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    Cow: I think it's 'udderly' fantastic. I'm gonna milk it for all it's worth. What do you think ?
    Pig: I think you've been watching "Game of Thrones" too much.

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    Vaca,oye porque tienes esa espátula, si yo te puedo prestar,otras herramientas, para que sea mas facil.
    Cerdo,gracias sr,vaca,pero para lo que voy hacer es sembrar flores y con esta herramienta, me basta.

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    Cow: this is what I looks like to "hog" all the best tools.
    Pig: oh, I thought you were just being "bossy!"

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    Pig: Do you ever work?
    Cow: Yes I do!.... ummmm you missed a spot..... over there..... right there.... good job. See that was hard work. Can you get me some tea?

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