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Thread: 24.04 Township Caption

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    Vaca: Hola amigo cerdo, ¿me podrías traer unas flores en ese precioso cubo?
    Cerdo: Si Rey Vaca, enseguida te las traigo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anastasia Bukina View Post
    Greetings everyone!

    I’m happy to announce the start of the TOWNSHIP CAPTION contest! Check out the picture below and write a funny caption that you think suits the situation Post your captions in this thread. We’ll choose the author of the best caption and award them with 200 T-cash!

    Only captions submitted in this thread will be considered for participation. The contest closes on Wednesday, April 26th.

    Good luck!
    - Anastasia
    Cow: How much moo-lah will we get for all our hard work?
    Pig: I'm planning to bring home the bacon with 200!

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    Cow- Life on this island is awesome. Milk is in high demand.
    Pig- Life on this island is scary. They feed us and then our family disappears, never to be heard from again.
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    Cow: I am king tools. Would you like to use some of my tools piggy?
    Pig: no thanks king tool, I'm on break!

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    Kuh:"Palim Palim,:-)
    Schwein:" .. eine Flasche Pommes 😀

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    Hi Piggy, what's digging?
    Uh, what?

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    Cow: Lets play Game of thrones?
    Pig: This won't end will, for either of us.

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    Cow: im starving after all that planting, how about breakfast
    Pig: I'm on a diet would have a glass of milk thanks, would you like some?

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    Cow: So I woke up this morning and ...

    Pig: Oh just shush, cows can't talk!

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    Cow: ah this is the life
    Pig: jeez, your lucky, you work and feel relieved afterwards, i work and feel as bad as bacon

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