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Thread: My Game Account was Hacked and I Got Banned

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    Exclamation My Game Account was Hacked and I Got Banned


    After several months of absence, I finally have time to play Township again. However, when I opened it, a "You are banned..." notice written in Dutch (which I do not speak, I speak Chinese and English) popped up.


    I tapped on the button "Klantenservice" ("Customer Service" in English) in the middle, to contact township support representative within the game. Their feedback said they confirmed "I" made an "invalid purchase", and their feedback was in Russian and English.

    Within the township game, I replied: During that time, I did not even played township, and I had never made any in-app purchases. My friend sent me some screenshots of my town. My town name was changed to "Groningen" (the name of a city in the northern Netherlands). My profile picture was changed. My co-op group was changed to "Sharano". The person who hacked my game put a Malaysian national flag in my town! (I am Chinese. How can I put other nation flag on and play games in Dutch?)

    IMG_2067.jpg IMG_2066.jpg

    I also replied: All social network accounts linked to township are under 2-step verification protections and under different strong passwords protections. I have done my best to protect my township and my associated accounts, but my township game account was breached on the game server's side. It should not be me to punish, but the hackers and the Township's vulnerable servers to blame! It is the one who bought my township account that made the "invalid purchase"!

    The support representative has never answered me from the time I replied as above.

    I sent my concern on the Playrix official support website afterwards, too. It is disappointing that the reply from "Anastasia C." in the email was still asking me to "contact us directly from the game". I am banned, so I cannot use "Help and support" she mentioned. The only way to contact township within the game is the "Customer Service" button, where I got no help at all.

    So, I am kindly asking for everyone's help:
    1. What could I do to prove that it is not me but the hacker or buyer who made the "invalid purchase"?
    2. What should I do to prove that I am the victim of cyber attack?
    3. How can my township game account hacked, stolen and sold to others, even when I have aggressive protections on the linked social networks accounts?
    4. Should township customer support open an investigation on finding out who in the end responsible for this unbearable and annoying incident?

    Best wishes for everyone!


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    Today, I got this feedback:

    Dear Player,
    Kindly note that we are not able to unblock your account due to the reasons mentioned above. Kindly note that no compensation is possible in this case as the issue is not on our end, the game has been blocked due to balance mismatch and unofficial software used for the account. Please note that this violation might have happened in case anyone else had access to your device and your game. Therefore, unfortunately, the account had been compromised.
    Due to toughening of our anti-cheating policy we no longer reset game progress in case cheating is confirmed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    What I replied is:

    You tell me why this so called person speak Dutch and changed my town name to a city's name in the Netherlands?! I live in China and nobody I met speak Dutch. All linked social network accounts are securely under my watch. All my phones and tablets are locked and never lost.
    Township and Playrix never believe their servers have been compromised! I cannot tolerate this unreasonable banning and I do not accept your unreasonable explanation!
    I have to think about that you are banning me because I never purchased anything in township, right?
    I will do my best to let anyone near me playing Playrix games to be aware of the game servers' vulnerability. I will let your unreasonable and irresponsible behavior pay off!

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    You are saying that you started playing again after some months. Have you updated to the latest version?

    If you got hacked, this is an issue that happened on your PC, not on the Playrix servers. So you should find out what exactly happened there and try to solve this problem. I'm sorry to say, but if another person has used your township account and abused it, this will be your responsibility.

    To prove that you were not cheating, you can send all purchase receipts to Playrix, so that they can see that you were playing fairly.

    Apart from that you should contact Playrix from the in game help, where you will submit your gaming data (see my signature). If you want to, you can send me a personal message with those data, and I will see if I can support your request in some way. But please be aware that I am not Playrix staff, I can only pass your problem on to them (See my signature).


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    Thomas I hate to disagree with you but Chris has stated that his device was well protected and that no one else has had access to it. The game data is not stored on the device (why we need an Internet connection to play - no offline play available) so the game had to have been accessed through the game servers.

    Chris I suggest you send a personal message to Anastasia (who is Playrix staff) and see if she is able to get you a more satisfactory solution. It may take a while so please be patient - easier said than done - but hopefully this will be resolved in a good way for you.

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