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Thread: Bunny Village and Zoo

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    The upgradeable snowman is still available to buy as a decoration, that's why we can put it in the zoo.
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    Ah! How strange.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LifeJacket View Post
    I can't. I can store it and I can put it back in the town, but I can't put it in the zoo.

    As already stated in the thread:

    We can't put the "tree of light" from Chinese New Year in the zoo either, but we can put the Christmas Snowman in the zoo. Go figure.

    We still have a couple of weeks of being able to claim a T-cash every day from the village. Maybe when that finishes, it'll be a different story.
    I'm sorry, you are right. You can store the bunny village but you can't put it in the zoo.
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