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Thread: Symbol under the city market = ?

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    Symbol under the city market = ?

    Can anyone tell me what the symbol and the numbers under the trader at the city market is indicating ? In my town it says 1/3 ... but what does it mean? See screenshot ... thanks in advance!

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    Its a voucher you can use to hire the dealer for one day!
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    hi phunkingham,

    it's explained here in context with its origin (the Easter Event).

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    Ah ok - thanks ! How do i activate the voucher ? I thinky I tried tapping on the symbol without effect ... but maybe while the market was active

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    When hiring the dealer; Pink posted a screenshot here -- also in that thread, maybe scroll through it, there were some more "findings" posted.

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    Thanks for the link DD ! I tried to find infos like this in the discussions before, obviously I'm not good in that... 😶

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    Another thing to practice then? j/k! even in the Advanced Search (which is hard enough to find) the forum SW isn't so great for searching, unless you can search in "titles only" (which is even harder to find).
    In any case, you're welcome.

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