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Thread: 30.09 Spot The Differences

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    Louise Carson
    Bunny missing
    Blimp missing
    Blue ribbon
    Pink flower missing on left
    Baby flamingo on left looking in different direction
    Butterfly facing different direction
    Baby flamingo on right eyes open
    Large flamingo mouth open
    Polka dot missing
    Frog jumping

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    Brianna Lowry

    Spot the Differences

    1. Baby flamingo to the left is turned in opposite direction from the first one
    2. Baby flamingo on the right has eyes closed the other is open
    3. A rabbit in the second and not the first
    4. The butterfly above the left baby flamingos are also facing opposite directions from each other
    5. Extra flower by the lily pads to the left
    6. A blimp in one
    7. In one the frog is jumping and the other he is on the lily pad
    8. Color of her bows (one picture they are pink, the other they are purple)
    9. The Right adult flamingos mouth is slightly open in the 2nd picture
    10. There is a missing polka dot from her dress
    11. There are extra hairs on the left adult flamingos chest
    12. Her hand is petting a baby flamingo in one and the other she holding food for the adult flamingo

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    Nicole Caux
    Butterfly and bird changed direction. Eye opened on baby bird and mouth open on flamingo.blimp, lily, a polkadot on dress and rabbit are missing and frog is jumping.Bows in hair are different colors.

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    Blimp - not in both pics
    Bow Color - diff
    rabbit on rock - only in 1 pic
    flamingo's mouth open in 1 pic closed in other
    girl's hand - diff
    white birds - 1 has diff eyes (open and closed)
    white birds - other white birds are facing diff direction
    1 pink flower missing on left side in bottom pic
    girl's dress missing 1 polka dot in top pic
    frog is jumping in 1 pic and sitting on lilypad in other pic
    butterflies are facing diff directions

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    - butterfly wings in opposite direction
    - differents colors of hair in knots
    - baby flamingo on the left in opposite direction
    - right baby flamingo eyes are open on the 2nd picture
    - girls left hand
    - airship missing in the sky on the 2nd picture
    - rabbit is missing on the first
    - the frog jumping
    - mouth rigth flamingo is closed on the first picture
    - pink lily missing at the left of the 2 nd picture

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuen Pham View Post
    Hey folks,

    The Spot the Differences contest is back! Try to find at least 10 differences in the two pictures below, and post your answer in this thread! Every player, who gives the correct answer (posted in this thread) within 24 hours, has a chance to win 200 Township cash! We will have 3 lucky winners this time, and they will be contacted via a personal message here on the forum. Ready? Go!


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    Jennifer Fenton MacKenzie
    - Butterfly pointing different direction
    - first baby pointing different direction
    - second baby eyes open/shut
    - rabbit missing
    - hair bow pink/purple
    - missing polka dot from dress
    - flamingo mouth open/shut
    - pink water flower missing
    - girl feeding/petting flamingo
    - blimp missing
    -frog jumping/not jumping

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    1. Blimp in sky
    2. Frog is jumping
    3. Bunny on rock
    4. Butterfly is turned around
    5. Baby flamingo looking left
    6. Hair bows are purple
    7. Baby flamingo's eyes are shut
    8. An extra polka dot on her dress
    9. Hand feeding the flamingo
    10. Light pink lily is missing

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    Melissa Termott
    1. The girl has something in her hand on the bottom pic vs the top pic she is petting the baby flamingo.
    2. Butterfly facing opposite way.
    3. Baby flamingo on left is facing the opposite way.
    4. The bow in the girls hair on top she had a pink bow and bottom she has a purple one.
    5.blimp is missing in the bottom picture.
    6. Frog is jumping on the the bottom photo.
    7. Missing light pink lotus flower on the bottom left corner in front of the 2 lily pads.
    8. Rabbit missing in front of the tree in the top pic .
    9. Dark pink flamingo or daddy flamingo has his mouth shut in the top photo.
    10. Baby flamingo on the right side of the girl has eyes close on the top photo.
    11. The light pink or momma flamingo is missing the light pink feathers on her belly in the top photo.
    12. Missing polka dot from the girls dress on the bottom photo.
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    1. The bunny on the rock is missing from the 1st picture.
    2. The bird on the left is facing a different way in each picture.
    3. The bird on the right has his eyes open in the 2nd picture.
    4. The butterfly is pointing in a different direction.
    5. The flower by the water lilies is missing in the 2nd picture.
    6. The frog is missing from the 1st picture.
    7. The hair bows are a different color.
    8. There is a blimp in the 1st picture.
    9. The large flamingo has his mouth slightly open in the 2nd picture.
    10. Girl’s hand is different in each photo—1st she is rubbing the bird, 2nd looks like she may be feeding it.

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