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Thread: 30.09 Spot The Differences

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    Phaye Goodine
    1. Purple blimp is missing
    2. Rabbit is missing
    3. Pink flower is missing in water
    4. Duck is turned to the left
    5. Duck on the right eyes are closed
    6. Woman bows are purple
    7. Woman hand is closed
    8. Frog is jumping
    9. The darker colored Flamingo beak is bigger
    10. Butterfly is facing to the left
    11. Woman dress is missing dots

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    Danny Baphomet
    here's what i got. Sep-Spot-the-differences2.jpg

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    Marjorie Moore
    1. Hair bow is pink not blue
    2. Butterfly is turned to the left
    3. Hand positioned upside down
    4. Frog leaping
    5. Blimp is missing
    6. Hare/ rabbit is missing
    7. Poka dot on dress is missing
    8. Baby flamingo eyes are close
    9. pink flower is missing
    10 baby flamingoes head is tilted

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    1) rabbit on the rock on the far left
    2) pink flower coming out of water on left is missing
    3) white baby pelican on girls right is facing opposite direction
    4) white baby pelican on girls left has eyes open
    5) girl is offering food to baby pelican rather than petting it's head
    6) butterfly above baby pelican on girls right is facing opposite direction
    7) blimp is missing
    8) frog is leaping off of the lilypad
    9) extra pink feathers added to mama pelican
    10) bows in girls hair are purple now

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    Baby flamingo (on right) eyes are open
    baby flamingo (on left) is looking different direction
    frog jumping on lilly pad
    rabbit on rock
    butterfly facing different direction
    extra dot on dress
    bows are blue not pink
    blimp disappeared
    missing lilly on the far left of screen
    large flamingo mouth is open

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    Stacy Walcott
    1 Bunny rabbit is on rock
    2 Pink flower missing by the two lily pads
    3 Girl's ribbon is blue
    4 Baby girl flamingo eyes are open
    5 Frog holding onto father flamingo's leg
    6 Purple blimp missing from sky
    7 Girl's hand is not petting baby girl flamingo
    8 Butterfly facing left
    9 Baby boy flamingo facing left
    10 There is an additional dot on the girl's dress
    11 Father flamingo's mouth is open

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    Anthony Calabrese
    01. Blimp
    02. Bows in the girl's hair
    03. Lily (Pink) pad is missing
    04. Rabbit is missing under the tree
    05. Butterfly's facing the opposite directions
    06. Polka dot missing from girl's dress
    07. Frog sitting on lily pad
    08. Girls hand on flamingo's head
    09. Flamingo has mouth shut
    10. Baby flamingo's eyes closed
    11. Flamingo is facing the opposite direction

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    Betty Berry
    1. No blimp
    2. Flower missing in water
    3. White bird looking straight ahead
    4. Full hand on bird
    5. Bird eyelids are red
    6. Frog not. Leaping
    7. ,bird eyes are closed
    8. Frog mouth is open
    9. Frog arms not raised
    10. Butterfly facing girl.
    11. ,hair ribbons are different colors

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    Louise Vickers
    1. Rabbit is missing
    2. Pink butterfly is facing the other way
    3. Flamingo on the left of the girl has its face turned the other way
    4. Missing pink lily flower
    5. Missing blimp
    6. Flamingo on right has its eyes closed
    7. Different colour hair ribbons
    8. The girls left hand is upside down
    9. White dot missing from dress
    10. Frog jumping
    11. Daddy flamingos mouth slightly open

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    Differences in second pic:
    - no blimp
    - frog is holding on to the flamingos leg
    - right flamingos beak is open a little
    - right baby flamingos eyes are open
    - left baby flamingo is looking in the opposite direction
    - the girls hair bows are purple
    - flower is missing on left side
    - theres a rabbit on a rock
    - the girl is feeding the flamingo
    - her dress has more dots
    - bird/butterfly facing opposite direction

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