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Thread: event ornaments

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    event ornaments

    thank you so much for your support.

    i am very sorry i couldn't change the special easter ornaments till the end of this event.

    i didn't want to exchange rabbit cash to the nomal coins instead.

    why don't you let us have chance to buy the special ornaments, even if it were one day.

    again, i am very sorry and disappointed i waste the rabbit cash and i couldn't get special ornaments.

    i hope i will have enough time to get the ornaments after the events finished.

    sincerely yours

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    I'm sorry you missed out on the ornaments, but we did have 9 days to purchase them...and Playrix sent us all a reminder when we had just 24 hours left. Use this mistake to help you plan better when the next event comes up.

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    As Laurel said, the special decorations were available from the very beginning of the event. This is the same for all special decorations associated with events. Normally, the decorations are purchased using coins & Tcash, this time, we were given the opportunity to earn bunny cookies to enable us to purchase the decorations.

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    am I misunderstanding something? I could still buy the special deco with tcash = rounding off the bunny cookies, if I didn't have enough.
    Any different deco meant? (maybe I've forgotten it already? )

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