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Thread: Offer inflatable farm animals

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    Offer inflatable farm animals

    I noticed a game friend has inflatable farm animals on her farm. I searched google and found they were offered in 2015 during an event. I would love an opportunity to win or purchase similar items please.

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    Some of these balloons are available as decorations you can buy with coin. These are affiliated with your level in the zoo and can be placed in either the zoo or the town. I believe the bee balloon is one of them.
    Township name: Bluewater Bay
    Township Level: 90
    Co-op: Beyond the Sea
    Zoo level 18

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    Thank you Laurel. Yes I saw them but the bee is the only inflatable for which we have the actual farm animal. The rest are zoo animals. I would like to see the cow, chicken, sheep, duck and pig as well.

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