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Thread: Where will our Easter cookies go?

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    Where will our Easter cookies go?

    When the event for Easter ends tomorrow, what will happen with any leftover Easter Cookies that we have not spent?

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    Most possibly they will disappear as we can only use them to buy easter decorations which u cant buy after the events.

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    Typically they buy back unused "event items" once the event is over. You receive a notification that they are no longer needed and coins are given.

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    I don't think they will buy back the cookies used for decorations - they already gave us quite a "deal" there. However anything made by us and on our factory shelves or in the barn, will probably be bought back: carrot cake, Easter bread, rabbit lollipops.

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    They usually buy back items only in the barn and the cookies arnt. I wish they would but I dont think so.

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    I also don't think that we will get coins for the cookies, last event e.g. the event boosters we won in the HOL just vanished. But you still can buy more decoration and sell them to get some value. E.g. for the talented bunny statue you get 900 coins.

    Happy Easter everyone!

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    I think they'll probably just disappear after the event is over.

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