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Thread: Remove The One Square of Pre-Set Pavement At Central Elephant Fountain

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    Remove The One Square of Pre-Set Pavement At Central Elephant Fountain

    I have attached 2 versions of the fountain area from friends towns and the version in my town. As you can see one has no pre-set walkway exiting the elephant fountain, and one has a walkway surrounded with grass (no sand edging). Unfortunately in my town's zoo not only am I stuck with the sand edging I don't want, but I have that one pre-set square of stone walkway which clashes with the new stone walkway option just introduced that I want to use (as shown in my picture). So my request is to remove that one pre-set pavement square like my one friend's zoo picture shows, thereby giving players the option to blend their chosen pavement stones seamlessly throughout their​ zoo! Pretty please and thank you!
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    Ja that's a bit odd. Mine has it too.

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    Mine looks like that too -- with cobblestone square. I would like that square gone.

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    If it can speed up decision-making of devs, please add my voice to the choir

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    I agree. It doesn't look right unless you want to use that walkway. I did for a while until I got tired of it.

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    OK, it's finally gotten to me. Would pretty please like to customize this one square

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    I would love to visit your zoo! It has to be amazing! Please provide your code!

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