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Thread: Infinite/timed lives extended

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    Infinite/timed lives extended

    When I have received the infinite lives for 1 hr or 2 hr or 3 hrs it stinks that I have to use that right away or that the timer counts down even when I am not in the game to play. I think it would encourage people to play more if the timer stopped when we weren't playing the game. That way the time would be game play related. It would also be nice to have the option of when to use it since it is like a power up. Sometimes when I get the infinite lives I am just getting to work and now I can't enjoy this feature because I have to work. It would be nice to be able to use it at a more convenient time. For me that would encourage my game playing and I would be more likely to spend money on it because I would not want to waste the power up.

    Thank you for any consideration

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    I agree completely. I rarely get to use infinite lives because I play when I have a few minutes. And single lives do queue, I get to choose when I use them, which seems completely backwards. Single lives should just get added to available lives, and infinite lives should queue until I activate it.

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    I completely agree with this idea. Recently I completed the Easter challenge and won quite a bit of time on infinite lives. However, I was too busy working to be able to enjoy them. I do appreciate the power ups I earned. I also feel a little cheated that I didn't get to use my infinite lives.

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    I came here and registered specifically for this issue. It bugs me that if I happen to be lucky enough to get infinite lives, I have to take advantage of it right then or I lose it. It would be really great if we could be allowed to choose when the infinite lives starts. I don't mind if once the timer has started it runs down whether I'm playing or not, but it would be nice if, for instance like this morning, I spin the daily wheel and I hit "jackpot" and get 3 hours of infinite lives, I could say, "OK, well, I'm just on break at work right now, so I can't play for 3 hours, or even 10 more minutes, so let's save this until I get home and have time to sit and play for a while." I tried leaving it up without clicking "OK" in hopes that it wouldn't start at least until I clicked "OK", but when I went on lunch just over 3 hours later, it had cleared the timer and set me back to 5 lives.

    Please, please, please consider letting us choose when to start the timer on infinite lives!

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