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Thread: Am I Alone In My Dilemma??

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    Chichi Leland

    Am I Alone In My Dilemma??

    Started the Zoo & very excited but today my animals have vanished

    Hopefully, this is my issue alone & nobody else is effected in the same way.

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    Hi Chichi

    You are the first to report that problem so far.

    You will have to report it from within the game by clicking on the cog and then on report an issue.

    But before that, if you are on android, go to Google Play Store and get the new small patch upgrade available. See if your animals are back. If not report the issue.
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    I am having this very same problem! It's so upsetting.

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    I have also lost my bear family. Ticket #489971. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by dolphanatic13 View Post
    I have also lost my bear family. Ticket #489971. Thanks

    So sorry about that! I've just replied to your ticket. Be sure to check your inbox
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    Rick McEntire
    Build higher walls.

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    I lost my first baby bear ...had to do it all over again

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    Hi all,

    sorry, didn't find this thread before.
    Have the same problem as you and started a new thread ("All my animals have disappeared!")
    Admin Dmitry wrote us:

    Hi guys,

    I'm sorry to hear that all of your animals have disappeared. This is something we are aware of and are working to resolve as soon as we can. Hopefully, this bug will be fixed in the next update to the game. For now, please submit new tickets from the game via the Report an Issue button. We will do our best to restore everything!

    Good luck to everyone, cross my fingers.
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