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Thread: Where, how do I find the storeroom?

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    Joanie E. Wiseman

    Where, how do I find the storeroom?

    I have been putting items in storage, I want to get some out, however I can't find the storeroom. Help please. Read forums, did search but without any luck. Level 28 newbie. Thank you🙋

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    Hello Joanie!
    When you put a decoration into storage, it goes into the storage box. You'll have to click on the yellow construction hat (bottom right corner), then click on decorations, then click on the tab at the top with the box on it. Don't worry, it can be easy to miss if you've never used it before! I hope this helps!

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    Joanie E. Wiseman
    Thank you for the quick reply Philli...
    Can you believe I have been searching for hours? 😕 wow
    Have a fun day

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    You're very welcome! Next time you have a question, feel free to ask!

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