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Thread: Anyone else have these black rectangles?

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    That's interesting Arikasi. I ended up reporting it last night because I was getting the black rectangles when visiting friends' zoos too! They're not there this morning though - as you say, they come and go - but I feel they ought to know about it.

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    Hi guys,

    Please let me know if you already tried to restart your devices and reinstall Township.

    In case the problem persists after following these instructions, be sure to submit a request to our Helpdesk via the Report an Issue tab in the game as, unfortunately, we can't do much over the forum. Our Support Team agents will be glad to look into this for you and help out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arikasi View Post
    Same here they are on and off again. I see them after I have trouble entering the zoo. I get the message:
    Zoo graphics downloading, please try again later.
    And then below it lists the downloading percentage.
    Wow, getting turned away is pretty severe, as image hiccups go. Maybe the zoo update got so many people back to playing more that it's overwhelming the already wonky servers. Or, maybe it's something else entirely, but that's what your description brings to my mind.

    I've had the barn go black a couple of times a long while back, had the town hall completely disappear (it was there, just invisible -- I could pick it up, but not see it ), and will sometimes get black squares instead of people's avatars, but all of that has been very brief, and then back to normal. What y'all are experiencing sounds like more than that.

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