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Thread: My Usual Letter To The Design Team

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    My Usual Letter To The Design Team

    Dear talented designers, developers, and all involved in creating the Zoo,

    BRAVO! Masterful job. The animals are rendered faithfully realistic - and while quite a happy looking bunch, none are cartoonish. I am sure that isn't easy to do.

    The habitat enclosures seem to each have unique trees, shrubs, water features appropriate to the animals' natural ones in the wild. Again, all creatively, but realistically rendered.

    Naturally, you thought of everything, creating shops, cafes, snack shops to keep visitors nourished and spending money to support and maintain the Zoo - and to keep us Zoo owners busy producing too.

    We have many older decoration items appropriate to Zoo decor - topiary trees/shrubs - topiary animals - statues, big and small (lots and lots of statues). I do hope going forward there will be some new, natural landscape items offered so that we can enlarge and expand our animal habitats in unique ways. I don't want my Zoo to look like my Township, but rather another world of exotic trees and flowers and water features.

    Thank you for creating this wonderful new environment to explore, build upon, and develop our own creativity. We just need you to provide us with the "tools" to do so. I am so looking forward to new offerings in this regard, in future updates.

    Now, I have to run - I think a baby Zebra is on its way.

    Thank you all for the fun and entertainment this game has provided these past 2 years!!

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    Hi Nana,

    Thank you for this very sweet post Rest assured your feedback will be forwarded to the team. I'm sure they will be very happy when they read it.

    P.S. Good luck with the breeding!

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