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Thread: Free Boosts?

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    I play on an iPad and android phone and have 2 different facebook accounts I play on. I have this glitch on one of the formats. It is a really nice glitch. Not only the extra boosts but when you complete a level that say only requires 3-4 fruits it doesn't spam your game with all the extra items that weren't required on that level (generally the purple flowers and rain drops) which means you get higher chances of random boosts in that final drop and rewards for the level that are actually more appropriate to what they should be by default. On the glitched game I generally get at least 100 coins for each level. With both glitches the game is actually FUN to play with out the frustration. I am certain what ever they promise with this statement "I can guarantee that your cooperation will be appreciated and rewarded " that it is not worth reporting the glitch to be fixed. The rewards for the holiday items and the "Find the Keys" puzzles after you have hit max level are dismal to say the least, so their promise of rewards do not entice me at all.

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    Sorry I don't see a boost spin wheel on homescapes . Wish there was something for us some games need something for help to get pass them .... I have been playing the same game level for 2 weeks come Wednesday it will be 3 weeks and I m getting about bored

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    There isn't a lucky spin on Homescapes like on Gardenscapes, but there is a weekly calendar which appears when you log on and will give you coins or a free boost of some type every day. You need to log on each day to make sure you get all the boosts every week, otherwise the calendar reverts to day one. On day seven you usually get two boosts.

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    I was feeling good about having 50 of each! Nice one because sound look like nice.

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