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Thread: A few newbie questions

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    A few newbie questions

    I have purchased each building and factory up to my level but I have 4 buildings all waiting for materials. What is the best stately? Just wait till I have the materials to complete those before I build more? Or if I have the coin keep building and wait for the materials to come? Also any tips for things you wish you knew when you started? Leveling up with this game happens quick so I wasn't sure if I needed to purchase everything as it was available. Also what is the best use for those bucks? Production slots or opening balloons? Thanks!

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    Hi Lisa

    As you already have 4 community buildings waiting for materials to finish them, I would suggest keeping your coins for now as you will have a lot of houses to build.

    The only thing I wish I had known/understood right away is how the cost of the Market box works. You pay the price once and you keep the box forever.

    I very rarely used my T-cash to "accelerate" things. I much preferred to spend it on getting things like production boxes in my factories or market boxes. Opening chests in the mine or Gold Balloon is a question of personal choice. It can be costly too.

    As for leveling up, the number of XP needed increase with each level so it will slow down.

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