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Thread: Game doesn't work

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    Having the same problem

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    same problem over here so frustating

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    gen not play the game no more

    Quote Originally Posted by Sammy Cat View Post
    This is all I'm seeing today.

    I can sign into the game on FB, send lives, click the prize wheel, but as soon as I click on my level to play, as it's loading, I get the message above. I refresh over and over, but nothing changes. I've done all the obvious (clearing cache, signing in and out, and all the suggestions that Support offered. No good.

    When I first signed in today, I noticed that the prize wheel choices had changed, which obviously means there's been an upgrade of some sort. I'm guessing the issue is related to that, but I don't know. Is anyone else having the same issue?
    somting went wrong please help

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    somting went wrong i ken not play the game no more please help

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    ik probeer het voor het eerst te spelen, maar kom er helemaal niet in, hij blijft zeggen ooops refresh the page, al bij het opstarten

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    I have just the same problem ! I can no longer play ! :-(

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    Same here game loads but freezes and icons in top left corner wheel only showing a little but way oversized when will this be fixed please?

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    gardenscapes wont play anymore after yesterday, whats wrong

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    Me too, I have the same problems as everyone above. When will it be fixed?

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    Same here, it has been 24hrs since i last played

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