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Thread: Game doesn't work

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    Hi, since the Easter Gardenscapes update I am unable to play it on my laptop.

    Can I get some help please. I am not sure if there is a glitch in the game since the update or whether I have to update the game myself. I do not know how to update if I have to do it myself. I am playing on my laptop via the facebook gameroom. I have googled with no answer. Thank you.

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    "Oops! Something Went Wrong..."

    This is all I'm seeing today.

    I can sign into the game on FB, send lives, click the prize wheel, but as soon as I click on my level to play, as it's loading, I get the message above. I refresh over and over, but nothing changes. I've done all the obvious (clearing cache, signing in and out, and all the suggestions that Support offered. No good.

    When I first signed in today, I noticed that the prize wheel choices had changed, which obviously means there's been an upgrade of some sort. I'm guessing the issue is related to that, but I don't know. Is anyone else having the same issue?

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    yes, i'm having the exact same issue

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    Gardenscapes not loading

    Since the 'New' icon appeared Gardenscapes doesn't work at all
    Seems to load ok, almost, except top left corner has oversized images
    Daily spin wheel won't load. Shows oversized quarter of wheel in top left corner
    New icon doesn't work
    Play doesn't work
    Haven't been able to play for over 24 hours

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    here the same ,the game loads but when i click on a button it's all freezing

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    Same here, very frustrating

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    Haven't been able to play for 2 days now, please sort the bugs out

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    Please fix the game it was down nearly all day yesterday then last night they had removed the Easter event so it worked came to play today and event back now can't play :-(

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    Bonjour à tous,
    J'ai exactement le même problème depuis hier!!! Que faut il faire ???

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    Exactly the same !

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