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Thread: Game doesn't work

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    I have been having the same issue, 6 days now, nobody is doing anything about this issue, or responding to this issue. Very frustrated!

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    I could play yesterday but it's not working this morning getting silly now

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    Can't play the game

    Yesterday evening I was glad to play the game again after 3 days of not playing, cause of a bug (I think). Now today it's starting again with lingers. I think I'll quit the game, because it makes me anger.

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    Hi guys, I received a message from support saying it should be fixed now

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    I was told by support that it is fixed and mine works perfectly now YAY

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    hey! mine would load and then stop somewhere over the garden without any other movements. I contacted support,they kept telling me they were working on it, and then they finally told me to restart my laptop and check cause it was fixed
    I ran straight to my laptop and indeed it was! I play happily now

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    Hi everyone! Do you have any troubles loading the game now?

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