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Thread: Can't play past Easter level 2.3

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    Can't play past Easter level 2.3


    So I've started playing the Easter update and got to the section 'arrange the pastry' (3/10). I had won infinite lives for an hour, so I decided to play normal levels. I finished all the levels there were (1075 being the last level I completed) and it's dark in my garden now. However, I can't play the Easter levels anymore, the "play" button is no longer green, but grey instead. How can I keep playing the Easter levels?
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    I already was in level 1075 before the event and did not get the easter evenent at all....i think we have to wait untill new levels are released

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    I've heard (and I mean read somewhere) they added more levels to help you guys get out of this loop, is it okay now?

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