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Thread: Magic Bunnies - Oh My!!

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    Magic Bunnies - Oh My!!

    At work, so have to be quick. This morning, early, magic bunnies paid me a visit. Generous, warm spirited, and truly giving. What an amazing community in Township!

    To my lovely bunnies much love and gratitude: Soreya, Amoria, Sunshine Harvest and somewhere hidden in the brambles, I think Garvamatic.

    No game anywhere has such wonderful members as we have here.
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    Same here,but I must add,this was my first easter experience in the game,I am amazed,I soo enjoyed the bunnies.The tasks ,to my mind ,were easy,points for jam,and on top of that,the rewards were very good.
    So thank you to Playrix,we often moan and not enjoy the events.This was amazing,thank you so much from us.
    Forbidden Forest...lydia

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