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Thread: 23.06. The Zoo - Coming Soon!

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    The Zoo is delightful. I love the complex animations. Is it terribly greedy of me to start a wish list? I would love to see a dry moat...

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    I use an original iPad (1) for Township and it will not go to iOS 6. This means I am unable to download the Zoo and future updates. I can't help anyone who's upgraded and am now stuck! Boo!

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    Sharlene poole
    Hey y'all,
    I was just wondering if anyone noticed the male penguin carding for his egg. It's impressively interesting to watch him. I was just wondering is perhaps there may be another little one later in the game?
    Also I was wondering what are the little animals are playing on the tree swing by the birthing building?
    Thanks sharlene

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    Hey Sharlene,

    The penguins are adorable, aren't they? You never know what the devs may do! Those are kittens on the tire swing. I just love the animations in this game.

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    Jeanie Rebekha Idno
    New to the game, How do i restore the us stop

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    Jeanie Rebekha Idno
    How fo i restore the Bus stop

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    Once you reach level 40 you will be able to open your zoo by taping on the bus stop.
    iPad - Lyndie's town level 137. Zoo level 41
    Mac - Lyndie's town 2 level 181. Zoo level 45

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