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Thread: Need 2 barns urgently

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    Need 2 barns urgently

    I think a second barn over a certain level would be very useful. I'm really tired of that BARN IS FULL message. There are so many varied items now that you can't keep some of all of them unless you only have one. And saving up for a plane that will soon come is almost impossible without sacrificing goods you've already saved up.

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    Sorry...not gonna happen.

    Read this:

    Also: I have at least 4 of most things in my barn. Some, I have more of. My barn has an 1860 capacity. Most of the time, it's less than 1600 full. I no longer need building materials, so I delete them as soon as I get them. Even when I did need them, I only kept what I needed for the building I was more. I do keep expansion tools at all times though so I'm ready to clear the rare expansions we are given with most updates. Anyway, my point being, it's very easy to get by with only 1 barn, if you plan things and don't keep more building materials than you need
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    There came a point, in my early Township days (2013? 2014?) that I was frustrated by not having barn space. I bit the bullet and bought 4000 T-cash to get me over the hurdle. I bought the needed Barn expansion tools - several times over.

    Not all people can do this. But my thoughts at the time were: "This game is giving me pleasure, I'm enjoying it, it's cheaper than other past-times, why not pay some money to the App?" So I did...and wow...relieved a lot of stress. (And I've made major T-cash purchases a few more times over the years.)

    Note Playrix has been very kind - in recent times: the copper squares (I don't know their proper name) are not stored in our barns...etc. and so on.
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    I have no interest in using real money to buy TCash. I deal with the problems of a full barn as my price the pay for not paying real money. The beauty is that Sandy is right, you can just buy TCash with your real money to fix that problem for you, or just wait and deal.
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