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Thread: I need friend

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    I need friend

    Need friends please daily player
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    1andonly - please say what type of device you play on. It helps people know if they are able send you a friend request ok?

    For example I play on an iPad. There are 2 ways I have friends in the game -
    1. bottom left corner of screen click on FRIENDS
    - Under your friends' pictures click on INVITE FRIENDS. Township allows each player a maximum of 50 friends this way.
    2. My iPad has an app called Game Centre. If other Township Players also have Game Center, they can become friends with each other.

    Sometimes people send me a private email asking to be friends. I always accept, but it doesn't impact helping each other in the game. Actually I'm not sure what it does!
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    How do I get a code . I'm using my phone.

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    I just edited my earlier post. To get your in game code click on invite friends. You'll see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1andonlylori36 View Post
    Need friends please daily player

    If you play on android or iOS, please read this to learn all about friends :

    If you play on Windows Phone, you only can invite from the friends section "Find friends" as this version do not have all the options yet.
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