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Thread: 07.04 The Easter Event

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    It's an amazing event <3 The park is exactly like the mine. Just in an other direction. So it's easy to understand

    But what if a member leaves the coop? Will the collected eggs of the person just leave with them and added to the new coop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amoria View Post
    Yes, the pruning sheers, lawnmower, and fan are there to clear out the grasses and bushes. Once a bunny is revealed, it will give you an option to feed it. You will receive cookies (that you can spend on Easter decorations) and eggs.

    Hidden eggs can also be revealed when using these tools.
    Egg collection is what will upgrade your Bunny Village level by level.

    Finally, there are also Co-op prizes when you reach Bunny Village level 2.
    It tallies egg collection among all your Co-op members.
    Think of it sort of like the mine, the pruning shears are like the axes, the lawn mower like a vertical dynamite and the fan like the tnt bomb. Also the bushes are like the, what I call the white wall in the mine, where you have to prune it twice or the fan will take it out in one blast. Then you have the logs you have to go around like the rock walls in the mine. Enjoy.
    Hope I get a lot of bunnies, ,like all of the decorations. A few are from last year that I have but want all the rest.
    Also have you noticed that throughout your town you have factory items in like a cartoon cloud of someone talking, they offer you bunnies in exchange for these 2 items. This really helps in building up your bunny cookies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talpa View Post
    Will iMac be celebrating Easter this year?

    Hi Talps,

    I forwarded this question already and will have you MAC OS players know as soon as I have news.

    Cheers Thomas

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    I love this event, love the bunnies. But what are the bunny heads for, can not find anywhere, but I am probly missing it. Thanx for this event, I Love it just as much as the Chinese event!!

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    Hi BeeJay

    The bunny head (cookies) are the currency to buy the new decorations. Check the store.

    I love the event too but I agree with Nana. It takes quite a toll on our sugar factory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thommmes View Post
    Hi Talps,

    I forwarded this question already and will have you MAC OS players know as soon as I have news.

    Cheers Thomas
    Hello all you MAC OS players out there, please feel that you are very special people.

    Unfortunately this means, there will not be an easter event for you. But Playrix promises that we will get some good new stuff with the update which is announced for April, 20.

    I can understand this in some way, cause MAC OS is a system that has been around for quite some time, and programming isn't as simple as it is for IOS. So I hope everybody else will also have some understanding for this. I had to live with this since 1984, when the first Macintosh was introduced, after all I got used to it.


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    Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can,
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    I can't find the Easter themed decorations. I got to look at them once when they introduced the bunny cookie currency and now can't find them. In previous events there was a special tab in the decorations section for them, but not this time. I've even looked through the all tab and am not seeing them.

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    Hah! Found them. Sheesh, that was difficult. Click on the event button or the event center, then the rewards button, then the bunny cookies, and then "Go To Store".
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    Quote Originally Posted by lingin View Post
    I see the implements but no instructions on how to use them (Do I use the lawnmower to run over the bunnies to get them out of hiding?)
    LOL If you click on their icons (the row to the left where it shows how many you have) ONCE, they give a description of what they do.
    Same with the other signs and items. F.e. the prizes for the several layers are shown in the Coop tab, when clicking on them, even though they show a lock. Hope this helps, too

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    Am enjoying the event so far. I like that i can get tools for the bunny village in my helicopter orders. However, i notice it pops up with different tools and for some reason it will show the pruning shears as a gift (with a bow on it) but they are not being added into my tools. So for example one helicopter order gave me a few lawnmowers and a pruning shears. Go back into village and only have the lawnmowers. Anyone else experience something similar? I just started the village about an hour ago so maybe I am missing something.
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