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Thread: Players Looking To Join A Co-op

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    Town Name: Saturnalia
    Level: 55
    Would like to join Gold League. I play daily like its my job and always complete all tasks at highest points. I want a helping co-op, I helped 304 in regatta that just finished. Would like friendly group with players like myself, with players who say they are racing really do race.
    English speaking
    Facebook: Martha Kay Bolton
    Thank You

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    I’m looking for a competitive co-op. I always complete all tasks. My current co-op doesn’t take the regatta as seriously as I do and as a result have been demoted to lower leagues. My town name is Kittys City.

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    Town Name:mime
    Town Level: 17
    Platform: andrio5
    Language: english

    I offer: various

    I'm looking for: bldg supplies

    Contact Me: (private message, Facebook, etc.)

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    I am on level 58
    My town is called dream

    All I want is to join a co-op that likes to play regattas. I play every single one and usually get all my tasks done. My current co-op only seems to have 2 people left playing it. I’m glad n the golden league but about to be demoted again because knowbody else is playing. I don’t have to always win. I just like to see most people playing it. Is there a co-op out there that wants someone like me?

    You can ask thru the game or let me know on Facebook. Just want a co-op where everybody participates!

    Language English
    iPhone 8

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    Aug 2016
    London, UK
    REMINDER: this thread is for PLAYERS to ADVERTISE themselves only. See Co-op Recruitment Rules.

    Do not create a chain of replies in this ADVERTISEMENT-ONLY thread. If you'd like to contact someone who advertised, please use private message or other means provided.

    Thank you for your understanding and active participation in helping keep the forum organized.

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    Feb 2018
    Town Name: yoochiri
    Town Level: 66
    Platform: Android
    Language: English

    What i'm looking for a co-op:
    >active and competitive but friendly and fun
    >consists of at least 15-30 members
    >understands that i have a life outside the game and can be busy sometimes
    >golden or silver league
    >everyone participates and help each other out

    I'm a daily player and is very helpful to my members. i can also finish all the tasks. Pls private message me here or add me ass a friends, my code is X4GU65

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    Nov 2017
    Town Name: Nairobi
    Lvl: 61
    Platform : Android
    Language : English / some French
    I play a lot and help a lot. I can manage 1 task of 134 per day since I don't use real money to play.
    _ I'm looking for a co-op of aggressive helpers, preferably 25 members our more, chatty.
    _ Friend Code NQ28BK

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    I'm already in an coop that used to be so vibrant and a thriving co-op but recently have taken a tremendous loss in members . I'm a serious player and miss the thrill of competing in a challenging regatta . I'm capable of doing all task and an amid helper. If there are any co-ops looking for a great player , please hit me up

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    Mar 2017
    Nottingham UK
    Town Name: Hollytree
    Town Level: 21
    Platform: IOS
    Language: English

    Friendly, relaxed co-op where everyone either races or opts out
    Lots of friendly chit chat
    Player ask for help so I can get clovers

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    London, UK
    You can find the new 'Players Looking To Join A Co-op' thread here.

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