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Thread: Players Looking To Join A Co-op

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    Competitive 16/135 racer looking for similarly minded friendly bunch

    Town Level: 123
    Platform: Android
    Language: English/French (some Spanish)

    I offer:
    • We are a couple, ages 42/40 sharing the account
    • Daily players, helpful and cooperative. Always looking to optimize gameplay.
    • 16/135 when racing, usually done in 4-5 days
    • North America, Eastern time zone
    • Have Facebook but not willing to use fb messenger. Co-op chat only during play.

    I'm looking for:
    • A moderately sized to large size coop, the larger the better
    • All racers do 16/135
    • No reservations
    • Task board managed efficiently
    • Focused on weekly wins, not necessarily global ranking
    • Cooperative approach, willing to adapt strategy to game changes
    • All racers share a language

    Contact Me: Private message

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    Cool Serious Regatta Racer (Golden League with town trophy) considering joining new team

    Hi All....

    I am not sure if "I should stay, or I should leave" my current co op.

    I am a level 86 at present but not for long as I am addicted to boosted helipcopters to make coin so I level up rocket fast. I am a very active player that loves the Regatta Races.

    Here is my dilemma:

    I am a very active well liked leader of a 13 member group. We have a very nice and very active group that helps each other tremendously. We have won the Regatta a couple times though it has become more difficult in the smaller paired races. I am well liked by the team so it will be hard to leave but I have surpassed the other players level by a lot as I am almost level 90 and most of my team is lower 60s.

    I also have been discouraged by a couple members relaxed attitude towards racing as I love to race. I don't want to kick them as our group is already small and all members are daily active players. I post regularly to the group. I encourage, etc. I ALWAYS do all 16 135 point tasks and most of my team does, however we just got demoted to silver because three did not finish the race and a couple players always take a slow relaxed pace when racing. I am feeling frustrated because I really want to race and wish to regularly be a serious contender. I enjoy racing! I race fast so I can switch back to zoo development and town upgradable decorations.

    Because I am a much higher level than my team, I have developed an awesome friends network of outside players and that is who helps me most often with my open bins because my team has not leveled as fast as I have and cannot make the products I can. I have already completed all my factories. My planes and trains never sit around as I always plan ahead and can most often fill them all myself.

    I have looked at some of my network co ops and there is only one that is a serious racing group that I would consider switching to but they are closed.

    Do you have a Golden League Racing co op I should consider that is mostly level 90 or higher? Are you looking for an active player? Is your leader active? Do your team players help each other? I do not care for "hobbiest players" I am looking for an active team with an active leader who utilizes the message board and plans ahead for their planes arrival. I have helped 8052 other players and 5274 within the co op. I have a well established zoo that currently has six vendors. And I have nearly completed all the upgradable decorations available to me at my level. I check into TS several times a day as I love the game.

    Do you have a co op I should consider? If so, please provide me with your racing stats and information regarding my concerns stated above. I am seriously considering assigning the leadership role to another and moving on.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I will look at PMs today as if I decide to switch I may do so before the next race begins.

    Hummingbird Lady (AKA: HB)
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    Town Name: Violet
    Town Level: 51
    Platform: IOS
    Language: English

    I offer:
    *Regular participation in regatta. I prefer the 135 tasks, and I spend Cash. This is the only game I spend real money on.
    *On good weeks I can do 16/15 tasks, but work sometimes keeps me at 11-12.
    *I help as often as I can, and try to thank everyone who helps me.

    I’m looking for:
    *A co-op that likes racing and has firm rules around participation.
    *A co-op that recognizes faithful players by promoting them. I have watched many people who barely participate in my current co-op get promoted. I think they base it on how chatty you are.
    *A co-op where I don’t have to chat all the time. Sometimes I have time to play and finish tasks, or chat. I can’t do both.

    Thank you! I’m ridiculously competitive!

    Contact me: Through Game - EUGJQG

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    looking for active/competetive co-op

    I am a very active player, willing to help and perform max/close to max regatta tasks. Im sick of being the only active player and losing week after week. Only level 42, but will certainly work hard! Let me know if anyone has a space available!

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    Sep 2016
    Town Name: Mermaid Cove
    Town Level: 101
    Platform: Android
    Language: English

    I offer:
    Highly competitive regatta player; finish 16 tasks at 135 within 2 or 3 days. Very high help scores each week.

    I'm looking for:
    Co-op that is in the Golden League, requires minimum of 15 tasks and ONLY 135 tasks, all members are co-leaders, all members have the ability to dup tasks under 135 (the dumping was not allowed by all members in my last co-op which was my reason for leaving). Husband and I are package deal, he as an even better player than I am.

    Contact Me: Reply to this thread post with your co-op name/code

    Thanks! Let's regatta!

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    Jan 2017
    Town Name: Wombat Friend Code: HZXEQZ
    Level: 86 and Zoo level: 22
    Language: English
    I am looking for a co-op where all regatta participants achieve at least 1350 points (I prefer points rather than number of tasks). I have bee playing regattas since they started and have always completed all tasks and sometimes the extra one. I would like to enjoy the game rather than it being a chore. I am not chatty and would prefer chat to be for important things rather than thanking everyone for every single help all the time.
    Please add me as a friend if you think I may fit in with your co-op. Thanks.

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    Jan 2018
    Town Name: Adalis
    Town Level: 24 (started playing 3 days ago)
    Platform: macbook
    Language: English or french

    I offer: As I am brand new in this game, I still don't know how the regatta is played, Anyway, I'm a fast learner and t always helps when I can. Friendly, no drama... it's an amusement game isn't it?

    I'm looking for: looking for a friendly & chatty Co-Op, where everyone helps. A fuller Co-Op would be good.

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    Aug 2016
    London, UK
    REMINDER: this thread is for PLAYERS to ADVERTISE themselves only. See Co-op Recruitment Rules.

    Do not create a chain of replies in this ADVERTISEMENT-ONLY thread. If you'd like to contact someone who advertised, please use private message or other means provided.

    Thank you for your understanding and active participation in helping keep the forum organized.

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    Jan 2017
    Town Name: Connie
    Town Level: 74
    Platform: Android
    Language: English/Spanish

    I'm not really into highly competitive groups. I really want to be in a group that is fun and chatty. Must like to chat about things other than just racing. I don't want to have to type thank you EVERY. SINGLE. TIME someone helps. It should be mutually understood that I am thankful and I will reciprocate the favor if/when I have something the other person needs. I do help others a lot. I do race in the regatta, but I also have a life outside of Township and do not want to be penalized for only doing 5 silly tasks. I would like to be part of a group that really just wants to have fun, make new friends, and do some chatting.

    Contact Me: My game code to become friends is M2HDKW. I don't know how else to get contacted. Maybe send me a message in the game? If you have a group, send me an invite on FB, Connie Quick.

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    I'm level 29 and in a newbie co-op that isn't very active in regattas or chat. I tried helping the leader to build up the co-op but realized that I'd just rather join an established co-op that is a better fit for me. Here are the main things I'm looking for:

    *Friendly, relaxed co-op where everyone either races or opts out, with a moderate number of required tasks.
    *Where people are friendly and talk - currently I talk to crickets. However, if the group is a large/chatty group, then I may not be able to keep up with that
    *Where people help each other out a lot and making requests is encouraged. I like to ask for lots of help (with trains/planes - not as much in chat), but I also help out way more than I ask for. I love helping others and constantly check my co-op and friends to see if there's anything I can help with, and often, I'll go grow/produce something to help.
    *I'm also interested in the co-ops who have a facebook group for better communication and for setting co-op expectations.

    PM me please.

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