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Thread: Players Looking To Join A Co-op

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    Town Name: Boomville
    Town Level:*38

    I offer:*Daily player, regular helper, always active in regattas

    I'm looking for:*
    A laid back co-op that's fun to be a part of, I don't strive to be the best in game player, but don't like being the only one in my co-op who participates

    Contact Me: friend id MCM5SZ

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    Nov 2017
    I am level 19 waiting for my building to repair to join a co op. I am new and would like a relaxed co op where I can opt out if I want to. prob will stay opted out a while until I learn the ropes. Email me please.

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    Hi!! My name is Jenn and I am a lvl 69 active daily very helpful player that is seeking a new co-op. I am on a Windows platform, so finding a good co-op is hard!!!
    I am seeking a team that is fun and chatty, lots of people working together to help each other, and win some stuff in the Regattas, load trains and planes!! I like a laid back group with little rules ie: no must do 16 regatta tasks @ 135 pts ea.
    I play this game for relaxation and fun, not to stress and feel terrible i cant pull my weight if life gets in the way!!!
    Please help me find a new place to call HOME and i really love this game and look forward to being with new people that i can call my friends
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    Town Name:hello
    Town Level: 30
    Platform: android
    Language: english

    I offer:
    i am an active player currently going up in level's quickly. i fulfill any requests i have items for.

    I'm looking for:
    an active english coop that is able to complete tasks on the ratonga, and is also willing to help out on requests

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    Town Name: Springfield Baserriko
    Town Level: 69
    Platform: IOS
    Language: English

    Looking for a moderately competitive regatta team. Lately I've been the only person in my group who is participating and I do my best to open the first two chests. A bit tough and am looking for some help. I try to pick up the highest point tasks, but I cannot do all of them.

    Friend code: K3Z8EE
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    Town Name: San Andreas
    Town Level: 86
    Platform: iOS and droid
    Language: German/English

    I offer: - High participation, currently in an 8 person co-op and always over 150 donations/week.
    - Doing all tasks for 135 points, doing 16 if needed and when it makes sense for the rank.
    - Good participation in main chat

    I'm looking for: - High competitive gold league co-op, 20+ members that mainly ranks top3
    - Friendly familiar atmosphere

    Contact Me: Facebook messenger (Andreas Chicoelsol) or pm here

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    Hello! I do not really understand the regatta, and I am moving slowly, [don't put up community bldgs, so progress is slow]. I am curious, and would like to play, but I don't want to get in the way. I do not have all the buildings I need, because I don't spend on community. May I join and try to learn with you? If I don't meet your standards, you may kick me out.

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    Dec 2017

    Im Lookng for a co-op to join

    Hi, im looking to join a co-op but there are millions out there... ive been in 2 golden league co-ops and am on level 57... i always do 135 tasks and comolete 16 tasks in about 5 days... is yours a chilled out co-op with structure i.e. you have a system for calling tasks and don't argue?? If so please give me a shout... im a great team player and always say thank you!

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    Looking for competitive coop

    I’m looking for a suitable coop. I left the last one this morning because they were too lax about winning. I want to win. I’m a great helper. Not chatty. I, actually, started my own coop this morning, but found it too hard to find members. I am at level 86. Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks.

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    Town Name: Nairobi
    Town level. : 40
    Platform. : Android
    Language: English and some French
    Orders filled 256
    Players helped: 294
    I joined my first Co_op about 1 week back but left because it's fairly inactive. I've just accepted another invite unfortunately it's not English speaking. Seeking to join a very active ,fun loving co-op of 25+ members. I'm an avid player.

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