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Thread: Players Looking To Join A Co-op

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    REMINDER: this thread is for PLAYERS to ADVERTISE themselves only. See Co-op Recruitment Rules.

    Do not create a chain of replies in this ADVERTISEMENT-ONLY thread. If you'd like to contact someone who advertised, please use private message or other means provided.

    Thank you for your understanding and active participation in helping keep the forum organized.

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    Town Name: Cottenheaded Ninnymuggins.
    Town Level:67
    Platform: Android
    Language: English

    I offer:
    I am a daily player. I love to help out, I don't take myself too serious and love being part of a team. I really loved the co-op I am currently in but they are becoming more and more competitive for the race. If that is you, please do not invite me. I usually complete all tasks but I don't want to feel pressure to do so. If you can care less about the race and really do just want to enjoy the company of the co-op and the friendships made, invite me. I will help where I can and bring absolutely zero drama.

    Contact Me: (private message, Facebook I have only been to my forum profile twice ever. I never check the inbox there.)

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    Looking for active helpful clan

    A few months ago I had thought I was going to move clans. Things got cleaned up and for a while I was happy. I am active in regattas. As best I can as I’m a truck driver. So time is sometimes limited
    I am looking for a low pressure active group where all members contribute
    I am tired of supplying members who don’t do any tasks, with end of regatta rewards.
    My ideal fit is a coop who does not have a high demand for tasks, nor only allow over 120 point tasks. I like to have the freedom to pick whatever interests me and fits my time and ability to complete tasks.
    Has mostly people over 30 years of age and over level 50. English speaking members is a must
    My town is jessieville. But you can email me directly at if you think I might fit what you are looking for.

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    Town Name: Belleville
    Town Level: 57
    Platform: Android
    Language: English

    I offer: Ability to complete many tasks in a short time. Usually max out in half the allotted time. Would like to be able to opt out when real life gets in the way, but I am very competitive when I'm in.

    I'm looking for: A co-op that likes to compete but doesn't expect everyone to be all in all the time.

    Contact Me with a pm and let me know what you expect up front. Honesty is the key to good communication.

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    Town Name:NordenimSüdwesten
    Town Level:59

    I offer: Friendly co-op

    I'm looking for: I am looking for active members from level 50+ for my co-op (I'm the Leader).
    We have been in the gold league for a long time and have also reached the golden cup.
    We speak mostly German, but we can communicate as well as possible in English.
    Everybody is welcome
    Are you activ? Do you have fun completing the tasks in the regatta?
    Yes?Then join our co-op

    Ich suche aktive Mitglieder ab Stufe 50+ für meinen Koop (Anführer).
    Wir waren lange in der Goldliga, haben auch den golden Pokal erreicht.
    Wir sprechen überwiegend Deutsch, doch wir können uns so gut wie möglich auch in Englisch verständigen.
    Bei uns uns jeder Willkommen der im Spiel aktiv ist und uns wieder hilft Gold zu erreichen.

    Wenn du ein aktiver Spieler bist und Spass in der Regatta hast alle Aufgaben zu erfüllen, bist du bei uns richtig.

    Contact Me: PN, or Town Name:NordenimSüdwesten, Friend Code:VX2U6B

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    Town Name:AgricolaMagna
    Town Level:76
    Platform:Windows Phone

    I offer: Friendly co-op

    Very active co-op. We help each other a lot and make every regatta race about 4000 points.

    Join us, please!

    Thank you

    Contact me: PN or add my with code : 7B4G9S
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    I am looking to join a group that plays Regatta and likes to do more than just stay in the golden league. I like to try for the top 3 but also opt out if I need to. I don’t want a die hard group that has to do all 16 tasks at 135 but I do like to be a bit competitive. If I sound like I fit in your group my number is #T9W5RS. I am level 63

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    Update: *I found a coop that meets my needs. Thank you!*

    Town Name: Hawkins
    Town Level:58
    Platform: iOS

    I’m looking for a helpful, no drama co-op in golden league where making top 3 is not the main priority. I can do 16 tasks at 135 but I am not a fast racer. So if your coop requires a fast completion of tasks I’m not your person.

    I do not want to be in a coop where only some complete all the tasks. I like all racers pulling their weight.

    I would also like to be in a coop where you can opt out of racing every once in a while when life gets busy.

    If you think I fit your coop, please contact me here. Thank you!
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    #sun44f looking for new friendly and helpful farmers to join us

    Co-op: Sunshine
    Code: #sun44f
    Leader: Kelkel
    Current members: 5
    Level minimum: 35
    Language: English

    I (Kelkel) recently had a year off the game to study upon returning and I would love to build up my co-op again of friendly and helpful farmers keen to be involved in the regattas. I always try to help my team mates and fill carts or provide goods as required.

    Please join us at #sun44f

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    Town Name: Kölner Eck
    Town Level: Ab 19
    Platform: Windows
    Language: Deutsch,english is also ok

    I offer: Eine solide Gruppe mit Teilnahme an den Regatten. Keine Hardcore-Zocker, sondern Gelegenheitsspieler, denn das wahre Leben geht vor.

    Melde dich einfach wenn du eine chillige Gruppe suchst.

    Liebe Grüße
    Natcity (Natalie)

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