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Thread: Favorite / Least Favorite Task -> Regatta

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    Favorite / Least Favorite Task -> Regatta

    What is your favorite and least favorite task to do for Regatta?

    I loved doing crops.. easy!

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    Favourite: Heli, then HoL, then mine.

    Least favourite: Silk/rubber, planes/trains, ships (unless it's overnight grapes).
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    Favorite: Feeding, HoL, mining, Heli, train

    Least Favorite: Island, Airplane, Silk/rubber/cacao

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    My favourite if I have plenty of time is filling plane or train crates, but if I'm trying to finish quickly, house of luck, mine and helicopter.

    Least favourite - zoo!

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    It varies, of course, but as a rule, the faster the better. Anything that goes on for longer than my usual 5/6 hour night’s sleep is a drag.

    Best: hol, mine, heli, sometimes zoo, animals, short crops.
    Worst: silk etc, ships, trains, planes, lamps, tables. And soon, puppets and teapots. Zzzzz zzzz

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    Favorite: HoL, mine.

    Preferred (when no favourite is available): Helicopter, Zoo, animal feeding

    Least favorite: products, long duration crops and mystery tasks because they can result in one of these.

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    Favorite is trains, all my trains are upgraded so they are fast for me. HOL and mining are next
    Least favorite ships, long term crops, zoo.

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    Least favourite is Tacos. Favourite is quick growing crops, House if luck and mining

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    I know I'm mad but I love a mystery task! (I like a challenge )

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    I love doing the mystery tasks- they are exciting to me because I never know what I'm gonna get! I also really enjoy filling train crates to get my helps in and I wish there was plane crates as part of the tasks as well again. I hate doing the isle tasks as I find they take the longest and you are kind of "stuck" while doing them for quite some time.

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