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Thread: Relaxed Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Come join our new relaxed co-op

    I have created a new Co-op one called CareFree Team - the task min is 5 - no pressure - no dumping of task we aren't going to kick you off the team if you can't do the 5 - we just want a place where we can come do a few tasks... have fun, chat, make friends, help each other out and play the game. So if you need a co-op come join us at CAREFREE TEAM!!!! At the moment we only have 4 members, level that you have to be at is 19, we are open to anybody coming into our team.

    Come join us!!!

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    Recruiting New Members For A New Co-op

    Co-op Name: Capella
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon: Aqua ships wheel
    Number of Members: 2
    Level Requirement: 35+
    Language: English

    My partner and I have just started our own co-op named Capella. We are levels 62 and 55 - and require members to be level 35+.

    We both used to be a part of another co-op as elders - and were a part of that co-op for some time. However, we decided to create our own co-op as our previous one was getting too competitive - and we were losing interest in racing and the game.

    This co-op offers a relaxed and easy-going environment, where members should help and support each other. There is also no pressure to win races. However, members who 'free-load' will be at risk of getting kicked out.

    Currently this co-op only has myself and my partner - so we are seeking some new members to come join us for next week's race.

    If you are interested in being part of our co-op, please send us a request to be a member of our co-op!

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    New Co-Op BlueLagoon!

    Hello All! We are a brand new co-op looking for friendly, active daily players. Any level is most welcome! We are only 2 so far (levels 37 and 30) and looking to grow into a fun and relaxed group that enjoys learning the game, sharing and making new friends. Because we are small, now is a great time to join and help form the direction we want to grow in and not be overwhelmed by a large group already established.

    All we ask is to be polite, chatty when available and to do some regetta tasks if you opt in to race We want this to be a fun, active, stress-free and helpful family. Looking forward to meeting you!

    Co-Op Name: BlueLagoon
    Status: Open
    Icon: Light blue ships wheel on teal striped background
    Platform: PC Mac
    Level Requirements: None
    Language: English
    My Township: SeaBreeze (fish Icon)

    If you have trouble finding us on Search, my player ID is code is YCUE9R so just friend/message me!

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    SUPER relaxed co-op looking for new members

    Co-op Name: The Emporium
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Teal Bird
    Level Requirement: None
    Language: English

    We offer: Little chatting, lots of sharing, OPTIONAL REGATTA PARTICIPATION. Regattas can be fun but apparently my idea of relaxed is different than most. I left a previous co-op because I was tired of them telling me I should be able to complete 15 tasks each time. I usually complete 3-4 but you can do as many or as little as you want!

    We're looking for people who: Want to share. Have a good attitude. Play at your own pace and share the benefits.

    Please send a request to the co-op (The Emporium with the teal bird run by Pinecone and Moose Harbor)

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    Hi all.

    Town's name - * Starshollow *
    Co-op name - Pebbles Place
    Language - English
    Level needed to join - 30
    Request to join

    We are a small, very friendly co-op in the Golden League focusing on being part of regatta's and helping each other but without any pressure or stress.
    I just ask that you try your best to do some tasks if you are opted in but most important is for everyone to enjoy the game.
    Most of us complete all the tasks, others just do as many as they can that week, we are happy with whatever you can contribute to the regatta.

    If that sounds like your type of game please come and join us.

    Please note if you are already in a co-op you will need to leave it before you can request to join ours.

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    Friendly and relaxed coop (Android)

    Co-op Name: Democracia!
    Co-op Status: Open
    Co-op Icon Description:
    - Smiley in pink on pink badge with sun rays
    Platform: Android
    Number of Members: 6
    Level Requirement: 19
    Language: Spanish/ English / German

    We are a small recently started coop, friendly and relaxed. We like to help and do little chatting. Everyone is free to participate in the regatta or to opt out, no minimum points or tasks.

    If you like to share and want to play at your own pace, come and join us! This is your coop!

    Code 6JH9RC or

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    “The Outtatowners” are looking for new active members lvl 55-75 English Speaking Only! New members need to be chill who like to socialize and have fun and race for GOLD. We are currently Golden league: Must finish with a minimum of 1200pts. and be helpful to others. Must have LINE. Please friend me in-game or send me a msg on LINE if you would like to join. We are not super strict but dump all tasks under 125, we have a few younger people who do a great job that are lower level.
    We allow calling of tasks (excluding H.O.L, feed, crop and helicopter) when you are within 2hrs. of completion on your current task like the boat tasks when they slip by. We try and dump all planes, trains tasks and super long boat tasks unless you have prepped prior and want us to keep an eye on it. By having LINE we are able to increase communication and cut back on confusion. ZERO DRAMA tolerated.

    The Outtatowner Co-Leader
    Lupe aka Namek
    Friend code:KCFA6T
    Co-op status:Open
    Line ID: namekouttatowner
    Contact: Private msg, LINE or Friend in game

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    Co-op name: Land of Lost
    Status: Open
    Co-op design: white dove with purple background.
    Platform: iOS/android
    Level: 30 (but open to lower if you're helpful)
    Language: English

    We offer a fresh new team with helpful players.
    We are going to be organize and make sure everyone helps you complete your tasks.
    We just started our group because only half of our players were actively playing. We are looking for players who are going to be helpful.

    We are just starting and we are in need of reliable players. You won't regret joining our team, everyone is always helping as much as possible.

    Join Land of Lost

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    Co-op Name: The Never Never
    Co-op Status: Open
    Co-op Icon Description: Blue Butterfly
    Level Requirement: 20
    Language: English

    We offer:
    We are a new co-op, full of active and friendly members.

    We're looking for people who:
    Are active, help where they can, and will participate in at least one regatta task per week.

    Contact Me via private messaging, or search for us in the co-op building.

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    Hi new co op Gizmoville is looking for members to comptete in regatta and also to help each other in the game. Prefer those who can get 15 tasks completed, 16 if needed to win. We are fun and easy going and enjoy a good laugh. Level 60 and above and English to communicate. Please look us us Gizmoville
    Cheers Sue

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