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Thread: Relaxed Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Aug 2016
    Co-op Name: The Ottertons
    Co-op Tag: #HEXFD3
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Number of Members: 24
    Level Requirement: 47
    Language: English

    Hello! We are a friendly, global group, with a mix of every active players and less active players. No minimum scores or number of tasks for regatta. Just that you do as many as you can, or opt out under Settings.

    We have been in the Golden League for some time. We've lost a few players recently, so please come join us and have fun!

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    Co-op Name: World Trade Center
    Co-op Tag: WRH446
    Co-op Status: Open
    Co-op Icon Description: Green Shield and Star
    Platform: iOS / Android
    Number of Members:21
    Level Requirement: 19
    Language: EN, Any

    We offer:
    We're looking for people who: Love sharing, and being helped. Looking for fun/goofy chat.

    No harassment/hitting on people please.

    Contact Us: Just join!

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    A rare opening in Roxieville Co-Op #1! We seldom have an open spot. Do you like to have fun, tease and be teased, and get lots of help from your teammates? Come check us out! We win our fair share of Regattas and have a friendly, interactive group. Come check us out!

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    Jun 2017
    Hey, it won't let me join the co-op?

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    co-op: Esprit d'équipe
    Ouverte à tous
    nous sommes 4 et recherchons des joueurs à partir du niveau 19
    La langue parlée est le francais
    Le logo est un flocon de neige sur fond bleu
    L'union fait la force, le but de cette co-op est de tous progrésser grace à l'entraide et aux partages.
    Rejoignez directement la co-op ou demandez moi en ami, mon code estNXGJZ
    Bon jeu à tous !!!!!

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    Jun 2017
    Lincolnshire UK
    Co-op Name: Rosey's co-op
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: white tree on a blue background, with a red/yellow shield border
    Platform: iOS /Android/pc
    Number of Members: 10
    Leadership: Rosey Mazzoncini Ferguson, Cindy Neydt, Carole J Lettice, Jeysie Leanne, Michael Schnittkus
    Level Requirement: 30+
    Language: English

    We are a team of committed, daily players who assist each other at every opportunity as well as having fun and winning regattas. Above all we respect each other and play well together. Whilst we are serious about racing, we're also friendly, chatty and helpful.

    We are seeking strong, honest and loyal players who play daily and are able to read and write in English. A Facebook account helps, as we use FB Messenger to communicate within our group (please only add us on Fb if you have joined our co-op). When you race, you must be able to do a minimum of 7 tasks at high point value every single week. Ideally we would like to race with a full crew of 30. If you are alone or have a small team of 2-3 players, let's play together. Bring yourselves, bring your best teammates! Join us while we still have spots available!

    Contact Us: You can message us on Facebook or request to join our co-op in the game.

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    Apr 2017
    Friendly and relaxed coop (Android)
    Co-op Name: Democracia!
    Tag: #DEMXXC
    Co-op Status: Open
    Co-op Icon Description:
    - Smiley in pink on pink badge with sun rays
    Platform: Android
    Number of Members: 7
    Level Requirement: 19
    Language: Spanish/ English / German / google translator! 😉

    We are a small coop, friendly and relaxed.

    We like to help and do little chatting. Everyone is free to participate in the regatta or to opt out. If you race, then do minimum three tasks (we delete tasks below 120 points).

    If you like to share and want to play at your own pace, come and join us! This is your coop! 😊

    Code 6JH9RC or or pm

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    Mar 2017
    New Co-op! Faraway Friends
    All levels Welcome!
    I am a level 84 with a good deal of experience and would love to help new players play the game while giving helpful tips often. If you don't want to play the regatta and just help out, just set your settings to "not racing". However, you need to at least try to participate. If Real life interferes, just let me know. I also would love some experienced players that are willing to set an example and help out. There will be room for co-leaders and elders and I am willing to dump unwanted tasks, with warning. You can request a task be held for you, but of course no guarantees. Please come check us out!
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    City of light is looking for new members that want to enjoy a friendly cooperative. Help us and we will help you . Must do at least one regatta task .

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    Co-op Name: Avalon's Paradise
    Co-op Tag: #V9UU6N
    Co-op Status: Open
    Co-op Icon Description: Laid back type of Co-op. You can participate in the Regatta if you want but it's not necessary. Just be sure to opt out if you aren't. Please help your fellow members and don't hesitate to ask for help as well.
    Platform: Android
    Number of Members: 2 (so far) Just launched 6/24/2017
    Level Requirement: 19
    Language: English

    We offer help and guidance for those who are new to playing the game with a stress-free environment. So join and grow with us as we enjoy the game we love to play.

    We're looking for people who: Want to grow and have fun!

    Contact Us: via Facebook @ Chen. You will see a phoenix as my pic image

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