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Thread: Relaxed Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Relaxed Co-ops Looking For New Members


    Remember ads may only be posted ONCE A WEEK and that this thread is for ADS ONLY.
    Do not start a chain of replies. Contact each other through private message or other means.
    Refer to the CO-OP RECRUITMENT RULES for more information.


    Please post your advertisement on this thread if you consider your co-op to be relaxed.

    What exactly "relaxed" means is up to you! It's your job to determine and explain your co-op's energy level.
    • Maybe your co-op is good with any number of tasks/tasks of any pt value
    • Maybe your co-op is just fine with bouncing up and down from league to league
    • Maybe your co-op races only a little (or not at all) and prioritizes helping/chatting
    • etc.


    Below is a sample form that you may use to advertise your co-op.

    It's not required, but I'd recommend having most (if not all) of its information somewhere in your ad.

    Co-op Name:
    Co-op Tag:
    Co-op Status: (Open/By Request/Invite Only)
    Co-op Icon Description: (mainly so players can confirm it's you when searching)
    Number of Members:
    Level Requirement:

    We offer:

    We're looking for people who:

    Contact Us: (private message, Facebook link, etc.)
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    Almost full! Our name is pleasantville 2. Our coop code is PEKY82. My town code is J5AG7E. Our main goals are to help each other and collect buoys. We require half the tasks to be finished with point value above 120 or please opt out while continuing to play your town and help regatta players. Ranking is assigned by number of helps. Elder = 20 and coleader = 50. We believe that life happens and if you can't finish 1 week just let us know. Relax and be happy. Come check us out!
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    Coop name: not participating
    Open coop so anybody with any level are welcome...
    Our symbol is green leaves with green shield..
    We r not racing for regatta so if u r not interested in regatta but enjoying the game u can join us...
    Play whenever n however u like without stressing out... 😄😄

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    Co-op Name: EightTimes
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Teal Anchor
    Number of Members: 10
    Level Requirement: 25
    Language: English

    We offer: A laid back and friendly environment to help each other complete tasks and earn rewards. Members are between level 28 and 58 with our average being 41.

    We're looking for people who: Play regularly and can compete in most regattas. Must be willing to help team mates when able.

    We are a new co-op looking to add at least 10 more members to be able to compete in regattas and share goods more quickly.

    Please contact me through my profile or send a request to the co-op

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    Hi all.

    Town's name - * Starshollow *
    Co-op name - Pebbles Place
    Language - English
    Level needed to join - 30
    Request to join

    We are a small, very friendly co-op in the Golden League focusing on being part of regatta's and helping each other but without any pressure or stress.
    I just ask that you try your best to do some tasks if you are opted in but most important is for everyone to enjoy the game.
    Most of us complete all the tasks, others just do as many as they can that week, we are happy with whatever you can contribute to the regatta.

    If that sounds like your type of game please come and join us.

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    Co op en langue française. Grosse entraide . Nous sommes 20 et recherchons joueurs motivés . Nous sommes en ligue d'or. Nom de la co op : les amis de la mer.
    Écusson : ancre blanche sur fond bleue.
    Niveau minimum : 30.
    Cools et sympas, nous vous attendons !

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    Join Our New Co-op!

    Hi all,

    We have just started a new co-op called Team Glory which has really friendly players who help out very frequently. We have a great relationship with one another and work really well as a team. All we ask of members is that you work as a team with the rest of us, help out when you can and give the regatta your best shot! If you would like to join, we're an open group seeking players level 24 and above. Simply search for Team Glory. Our emblem is a purple star. We hope you'll be joining us soon!

    Town Name: Sluville
    Co-op: Team Glory
    Level needed to join: 24
    Co-op status: Open
    Preferred language: English
    Please join us if: You are looking for a fun and friendly co-op that is really big on communication, helping one another frequently and having fun actively participating in the regatta. We're a friendly group looking for more nice people to join us. If this sounds like a good fit, please feel free to add yourself to our co-op
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    Looking for new members

    The Sunshine Grille is looking for new players. Drama free and love to chat. Level51 required. Must finish all tasks and paid when needed. Come check us out today. Hope to see y'all soon.

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    Hi everyone! We are a new co-op looking for laid-back, helpful and friendly members!
    Name: Bluebonnet Brigade
    Status: Open
    Icon: Blue Star (for the Lone Star State)
    Platform: IOS
    Language: English
    We just want to help each other buy cool stuff and advance in the game. Learning as we go along. We have real lives, too. Y'all come join us, we would love to meet you!

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    Bienvenidos! Welcome! Willkommen
    For English see below
    Deutsch siehe unten
    Co-op Nombre: Democracia!
    Co-op Status: Abierto
    Co-op Icono:
    - Carita feliz rosada sobre fondo Pink con rayos
    Plataforma: Android
    Miembros: 4
    Nivel mínimo: 19
    Idiomas: Español / Inglés / Alemán

    Con gusto les damos la bienvenida a nuevos miembros de todas partes del mundo que quieren disfrutar del juego!
    Somos una cooperativa nueva a la que le gusta jugar y disfrutar sin estrés. Participamos en las regatas sin presión de tareas y puntos que lograr.

    Co-op Name: Democracia!
    Co-op Status: Open
    Co-op Icon Description:
    - Smiley in pink on pink badge with sun rays
    Platform: Android
    Number of Members: 4
    Level Requirement: 19
    Language: Spanish/ English / German

    We welcome new members from all over the world who enjoy the game and want to have fun!
    This is a recently founded international co-op with a relaxed and nice group of people who want to play and enjoy without stress. We like to participate in the regattas, no Minimum Tasks or Points required.
    Co-op Name: Democracia!
    Co-op Status: Offen
    - Smiley in pink auf Hintergrund mit Sonnenstrahlen in pink-lila
    Platform: Android
    Level min.: 19
    Language: Spanisch / Englisch / Deutsch

    Wir freuen uns über neue Mitglieder aus aller Welt, die Spaß am entspannten Spielen haben.
    Wir sind eine neu gegründete internationale Co-op mit einer netten und entspannten Gruppe, die Spaß am Spiel hat und keinen Stress möchte. Wir nehmen gerne an den Regatten und anderen Aktivitäten teil, ist aber kein Muss.
    Code 6JH9RC or
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