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Thread: Highly Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    My name is Alex, I am the leader of a Golden League co-op called Rocket Power and we are seeking active/daily hard-working players to join our family! We are a very helpful team, requesting items from each other a lot and always helping fill each other’s planes/trains. We also like to chat together; anything from thank you's/you're welcome's, to discussing strategy, to just life!

    We don't have many rules for being part of the Rocket Power co-op, all very standard. See our expectations outlined below:
    • Utilize Facebook group chat(s) and in-game message board - Active and open communication with team members as needed.
    • Be friendly and helpful to each other - It should go without saying but, be kind! Helped number must be at least 50 each week.
    • Complete 15 tasks total in Regatta - If willing and able 16th task is great as well, otherwise, each member must complete all 15 tasks. Tasks chosen must be 130 points or higher. We dump all tasks below 130 points with the exception of HOL 125 task and plant tasks at 125+ points.
    • Claim tasks in FB group chat - If prepping for a task and/or wanting a specific task on the board, must claim it in the FB group chat using all caps text (please honor these requests when made). See below for examples. If the task is NOT claimed, then it is first come first served!
    o E.g.) Alex=EGGS 132, Diana = WATERMELON 135, Carmen = HATS 135

    We do not focus on the global leader board. Our goal is to place top three each race, preferably 1st of course! Racing in the Regatta is not mandatory, however, you must set yourself to Not Racing (opt out) if unable to participate actively or meet the requirements outlined above.

    The required level to join is set to 45 right now. I am willing to adjust this temporarily though for any player(s) that may not be at level 45 yet but would like to join our family and are serious players. If there are any questions, comments, etc. please don't hesitate to bring up. I look forward to growing our family with you!! Our rules are also posted as the description of our group page on FB called Rocket Power Township Co-Op, see link in my signature. I can be reached through here or on FB and our co-op is set to By Request right now so

    So if you want to be part of a competitive, fun, and active Regatta family then check out team Rocket Power!! We LOVE winning first place in Golden League! Currently we’re on a two week streak of winning first, about to make it three!!

    Come join us! What are you waiting for!?

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    Regatta rockers want you

    Co-op Name: Regatta Rockers
    Co-op Status: (Open/By Request/Invite Only) Open
    Co-op Icon Description: (mainly so players can find you when searching) Green Clover
    Number of Members: 21
    Level Requirement: 19
    Language: English

    We offer: Friendship, Helpfulness, Competition, help you to advance in leveling up for beginners.

    We're looking for people who are Highly dedicated and competitive, wanting to help others and to place win the Regatta. We don't care what level you are at as long as you are a team player and do the required tasks

    Contact Us: (private message, Facebook, etc.) Georgia Ann Pattarozzi Delarosa or Penni Aspden-Butcher

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    DO YOU WANNA WIN?!?! Come join VELOCITY!!

    Co-op Name: Velocity
    Co-op Status: Open
    Co-op Icon Description: Purple Badge with Star
    Platform: iOS/Android
    Level Requirement: 19
    Language: English Only!

    We offer: An awesome group of players who are great helpers. We tolerate no drama (bickering/arguing/child stuff)!! We’re here to have a good time and win!!

    We're looking for people who are: Looking to help us maintain our Golden League status. You must be able to follow our regatta strategy of doing the following things:

    · only do 130+ point tasks & dump anything below 130 when seeing them**
    · prep for your next task while working on one which we do by letting others know that you have “dibs” on a task by placing a comment in the chat
    · you must do all 15 tasks
    · must be a TEAM PLAYER and help others.

    ***You will be bumped up too “Elder” once joining so you're able too dump the tasks under 130 points.

    Contact Us: Join our co-op in the game.
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    Co-op Name: Sploots Oceanfront
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Brown Paw with Y pattern
    Platform: Android/IOS
    Number of members 10
    Required Level: 65
    Language: English

    Level ranges at the moment 54-86 (54-55-68-68-68-74-83-85-86 myself as leader at 64. I recently attended to a family crisis therefore behind 3-5 levels)

    Regatta League Stats:
    Golden 5-5-3 Silver 1-0-1 Steel 1-1-0 Copper 1-0-0 Wood 1-0-0

    Regatta Expectations: 1250+ task points and 30+ helps or opt out. Quite a few help 200+ Most accomplish 15-16 tasks at 133-135 points and this is what we are looking for in new members.

    Regatta rules: We allow members to reserve longer time taking tasks for 12 hours in order to prep therefore accomplishing it in the quickest time possible while taking on other tasks in between. We also change the first part of our town names to the task reserved, then change it back once picked up so before taking on a new task all members check what may be reserved, as well as in the co-op and chat. We communicate very well.

    We are looking for serious regatta players. Most of our members accomplish 15-16 points per regatta. We've been at the cut off of 30 members, but after having to let go of people who were either not opting out of the regatta due to not tasking nor helping we have been at 10 for some time after our last memeber at level 86 joined. Also 2 of our strongest fantastic players had to leave the game due to other responsibilities. If they return to the game they're welcome back at anytime.
    We are a friendly fun group of daily players who love competing as well as chatting when on and being goofy. Most of us are totally addicted😄
    Teamwork.. Helping each other achieve our goals.. Fun.. Fun.. Fun..!!!

    Feel free to message me via Facebook
    Facebook link

    Looking forward to new members!

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    Germany, Schleswig-Holstein

    Koop Fischköppe (mit Steuerrad), Mitspieler gesucht !!!!

    Ihr spielt sicher 2160 Punkte in der Regatta ? Dann kommt zu uns. Wir sind echte Zocker mit Herz und bei uns gibt es keinen Zank und Streit. Wir helfen uns gegenseitig und haben ne Menge Spaß
    Goldliga in der Weltspitze Platz 111

    Koop heißt Fischköppe ( die mit dem Steuerrad)

    Freuen uns Euch zu sehen.

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    Golden league coop looking for dedicated players

    Hi, we are a small group of players looking to build our team with the aim of being competitive on the global leaderboard. Next week will be our first in gl - we have done the hard work so now is the time to get on board with us! We are all very helpful and like to chat- we are a friendly bunch, and we like to win. We have all come from established teams on the glb - we have the knowledge and experience, we now need good dedicated players to join us. You must do 16 tasks, otherwise our rules are pretty basic! Our name is Sheep Shysters, if you think you might fit please either pm me or come and have a look. Our doors are open. Thanks for looking!

    We are unbeaten to date and excited to be in golden league this week where we start our climb up the glb.
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    Wanted: Positive Attitude & Winning Spirit!

    Co-op Name: Shut the Barn Door!
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Red Badge with Helm (wheel)
    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Number of Members: 25
    Level Requirement: 100 (May be negotiated)
    Language: English

    We offer: A fun group of players, active chat, great helpers, and an enjoyable race. We have a ZERO tolerance policy on drama (bickering/arguing/child stuff)! We have a winning strategy to take first place and to also climb the leaderboard. We are seasoned players and have been playing together for a long time. #43 on leaderboard!

    We're looking for people who are: TEAM PLAYERS!! You must be able to follow a simple strategy, be respectful, cooperative, have an understanding of regatta tasks, and have FUN.

    ***We have openings for THREE players***

    Contact Us: You can message me on Facebook, send me a private or visitor message on the forum, or request to join our co-op in the game.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. Happy Gaming!!

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    World-wide Friends
    Co-op Name: Mission Possible
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Blue Badge with 4 Leaf Clover
    Number of Members: 20
    Level Requirement: 60
    Language: English Only

    We have a fun group of international players, active chat, great helpers, and an
    easy, enjoyable race.

    We have a winning strategy to take first in the Golden League every week and to
    also climb the leaderboard. We are experienced players and we know how to win!

    We are competitive but not over-the-top (everyone deserves a REAL life). But we
    have a simple must complete ALL 16 tasks or opt out.

    We are currently #69 on the Global Golden Leaderboard but have spent many
    weeks in the Top 30!

    You must be able to follow a simple strategy, speak English, be respectful,
    cooperative, have an understanding of regatta tasks, and have FUN.

    If you are ready to join a WINNING team, contact us: You can message us on
    Facebook @missionpossiblecoop, send me a private or visitor message on the
    forum, or request to join our co-op Mission Possible in the game. The doors open
    upon the finish of this week’s race.

    Winning is easy when you have great Teammates and have the right strategy.

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    Co-op Name: Flores da Eternidade (Flowers of Eternity)
    Co-op Status: Por solicitação (By Request)
    Co-op Icon Description: Amigos sempre, onde todos se ajudam. (friends forever, the place where everybody helps each other)
    Number of Members: 14
    Level Requirement: 28
    Language: portuguese / spanish

    We offer: Precisamos de membros ativos, que gostem das regatas. Sempre ajudamos muito uns aos outros. Lets fun!

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    Win with Breezy Waters

    Co-op Name: Breezy Waters
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Anchor on Blue Shield
    Platform: Android or iOS
    Number of Members: 10 but looking to grow
    Level Requirement: 60
    Language: English

    We are a small, world wide co-op of 10 looking for the right people to expand with. We are friendly, helpful and drama free. We're looking for more friendly people who like to chat and also enjoy the challenge of winning the regatta.

    As our numbers are small we currently do 16 x 135 tasks but this strategy may change as we grow bigger. The regatta is optional but if you are opted in you must follow this rule.

    New members will be immediately promoted to elder and can earn co-leader status quickly after that once you prove yourself as a good team member. Join and grow with us.

    Contact Us: Either PM me or Request to Join.

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