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Thread: Highly Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Sep 2017
    East Coast,USA
    Co-op Name:
    The Supernovas

    Co-op Status: REQUEST
    Co-op Icon Description: Teal Star

    Number of Members:20
    Level Requirement: 54
    Language: English

    Our Team consists of Active, Friendly Members, who LOVE to Help, Chat & Win!

    We're looking for people who: Race like it's their job!
    This means finishing tasks in a timely manner, being able to do high point tasks and completing 16 tasks every race.
    Communication is KEY. We strive to win 1st every race and move up on the global scale.
    We also want long-time members to become part of our co-op "family"
    We have people all around the globe and there are members online 24/7.

    Contact Us: Search for "The Supernovas" on Township for MAC

    Please Join us to have fun

    Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 10.57.09 AM.jpg
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    Co-op Name: Chatty friends
    Co-op Tag: #CH9ENM
    Co-op Status: (Open/By Request/Invite Only) By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: (mainly so players can confirm it's you when searching) Sail boat with pink background.
    Number of Members: 25
    Level Requirement:40
    Language: English

    We offer: Gold League, Chatty co-op, we race hard but understand life happens. We ask that u opt out if u cant race. Lots of help.

    We're looking for people who: Are competitive, we require 10 tasks, at least 130+ pts each. Minimum of 50 helps. NO DRAMA.

    Contact Us: (private message, Facebook link, etc.) REQUEST TO JOINScreenshot_2017-12-08-17-55-29.jpg

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    Fast-paced, high energy co-op!

    Bring it on! Bring your experienced township management skills! Bring your competitive spirit! Bring your interactive communication skills! Come join our fast racing, high energy co-op!

    Do you want to be part of a team that actually works as a team? If you want a drama-free, serious regatta racing team where everyone respects each other, Thunder ‘n Lightning is the co-op for you!

    We were founded by five members of a Top 20 GLB team and we intend to get back on the GLB as soon as possible! We require 16 135-point tasks and that everyone is a team player. Most importantly, we always have FUN! Check us out at or send me a message. We look forward to hearing from you!

    If you’re interested, contact me through PM here, or send us a message on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you!
    Co-op Name: Thunder ‘n Lightning
    Co-op Tag: #HU2Q8W
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Sun with a GREEN background - It's the EYE OF THE HURRICANE!
    Language: ENGLISH required

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    Sunshine Harvest is searching for fellow clover hogs who’d like to join a successful & competitive Golden League team. Racers must finish 16 '135pt' tasks.

    Our members are free to opt out at any time. We like to win 1st place, but we're not interested in
    the Global or Regional Leaderboards.

    We're here to challenge ourselves and have fun, not add to anyone's stress or workload.

    We offer:
    - a nice and chatty co-op without drama
    - a streamlined and constantly-refreshed task board (as we dump everything below '135' and don't reserve tasks)
    - absurdly-fast helps (whether trains, planes, or chat requests)
    - people from all over the world, there's usually someone online at all times
    - top 3 in golden league
    - promotion to elder after one week (provided all guidelines are followed)
    - a facebook group (encouraged that you have an account there, but not mandatory)

    We look for people who:
    - are polite, respectful and helpful
    - do 16 '135pt' tasks (we sometimes relax and do 15...depending on our competition)
    - opt out when they need a break or feel they can't do all tasks
    - speak fluent english

    Please apply here on the forum to Agent P or me -- as we would like to get to know applicants a little before accepting them.

    We look forward to meeting you!
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    Gold league. Regatta racers wanted

    Must race regatta!! We are all great friends and love the competition of the Regatta. Plus we like to compete against each other. We are not a big money league. We rely on teamwork and we stay in gold league always.

    Co-op #UCU388



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    Hi! We are serious regatta players and a very dedicated team who races with gust and win. Most of us scores 2160 every Regatta, last week everyone playing did! As a result, we have been in top 3 in Golden league 41 times so far, consecutively for past twenty five weeks, and have won 20 of them!

    The Co Op name is Regatta. I know that's very common, but that's what my predecessor came up with and it can not be changed. But it does what its required to do in just one word, it describes us.
    The emblem is golden shield with golden ship over a checkered wooden texture and the leader town is called "Gondor" (that's my town).

    There is an easier way to join us: Find me with a Code AN5TNH, and I'll send you an invite.
    Here's the required mandatory information

    ================================================== ============
    Co-op Name: Regatta
    Co-op Status:
    Co-op Icon Description:
    golden shield with golden ship over a checkered wooden texture
    Android/iOS both
    Level Requirement: 54
    + (Although if you can satisfy the other requirements, we are willing to accept lower lever players as well.
    Co-op Tag: #REGZ38

    We offer:
    A chance to win you the Golden Sail, and a habit to be at top in every regatta.

    We're looking for people who:
    #1: must participate in Regatta (Opting out for a short duration is allowed whenever necessary)
    #2: finish all 15+1 tasks with high score,
    #3: love playing this game.

    Contact Us: Find me with a Code AN5TNH, or in Facebook send a Friend Request to Aragōrn Elėssąr (copy & search these exact words in Facebook) and I'll send you an invite. and I'll send you an invite.

    ================================================== ============

    That's all we ask for, and helping helps off course, although not mandatory.
    We do believe that life exist out of the game and we also allow you to opt out of participating whenever you need to.
    We love the game, the thrill of the race drives us. Most importantly, for us we want everyone to nJoy the game.

    So please do join us if you do so too!

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    Mar 2017
    The Sea Turtles Family of Co-op's
    Golden League Co-op's
    The Sea Turtles (#HEFF9J) 5 TASKS 133+
    The Junior Sea Turtles (#HEQV9E) 10 tasks 130+
    The Golden Sea Turtles (#HEEDN3) 16/135 3 days or less

    Our Golden League co-op split up to form 3 Golden League Co-ops at each level of comptitiveness. We now would like to bring membership back up to around 15 members per co-op. Our system works very well for us and we have a private FB page with our rules, tips, and links. We work as a team and do chat, but since the split, we aren't as chatty.

    We are looking for daily players who can offer the following;
    + No cheating
    + No drama
    + Chat in English (does not need to be perfect
    + OK with our endless typos in chat
    + Follow our rules
    + Are OK with calling dibs on certain tasks
    + Don't ask for more help than they give
    + Want to stay with a co-op long term
    + Enjoy the game and competing in the Regattas

    We understand this is a game and we play for fun. It is our safe zone to get away from our daily lives. That being said, RL comes first and we allow members to opt out of the regatta if they have a crazy week. If you are interested in joining us, please send a FB PM to Veronica Walsh-Urbina.

    Happy Sailing,
    "Em" mayor of Emerald City & Land of Oz
    Leader of The Sea Turtle Family

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    Co-op Name: Teamwork
    Co-op Tag: #exqfu9
    Co-op Status: Open
    Co-op Icon Description: Smile face with a magenta background

    Platform: no preference
    Number of Members: 8
    Level Requirement: 19
    Language: english

    We are formerly known as Toasty and finished top three often. We are a brand new friendly co op that got tired of finishing just short of first place. We put in hard work and help each other to finish our tasks. We always work fast and diligently and are seeking others to help us grow. Search the tag #exqfu9 and join Teamwork today.

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    Hola soy nivel 30 me pueden agregar Igual? Estoy buscando grupo xq en el q estoy no participa nadie

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    Hi everyone!! We are a gold coop looking for more active members. We love to help coop members, race and have fun!

    Co-op Name: Friends R US
    Co-op Tag: Blue crossed axes
    Co-op Status: (Open/By Request/Invite Only)
    Co-op Icon Description: Friendly ENGLISH speaking coop. 15+ tasks with 125 or higher required. #1Rule help others & have fun!
    Number of Members: 15 of 30
    Level Requirement: 50 & above
    Language: English

    We offer: fun! we are very active looking for active members who also love to share and race!

    We're looking for people who: are active and love to race and help others 🎉.

    Contact Us: you can look up our club by the FRIENDS R US any questions please send me a message I’m this forum. Thanks!

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