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Thread: Highly Competitive Co-ops Looking For New Members

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    Regatta players needed!!

    I have a great team of about ten looking to add serious regatta players!! Our videos #skyz2w come join Skittles Squad!!

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    Co-op Name: Engineering League
    Co-op Tag: #ENGS4G
    Co-op Status: Open (Just while we gather more players
    Co-op Icon Description: Violet Apple
    Platform: All
    Number of Members: 6
    Level Requirement: 25
    Language: English

    We offer: Active and communicative players who like to help each other and do regatta all regatta tasks.

    We're looking for people who: are Active, like to complete the regatta objectives, are helpful and communicative.

    Contact Us: on Facebook /ramon.tanoeiro or you can add me in the game #UPAWBH
    Or ask to join us #ENGS4G

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    Co-op Name: The OverAchievers
    Co-op Tag: HESWEZ
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Icon Description: Purple Tulip
    Platform: Multiple Platforms (non-Mac)
    Level Requirement: 70
    Language: English required (we do have members from Canada that also speak French)

    We offer: A competitive co-op with LOTS of help! We are a Golden League co-op with 27 gold trophies!

    We're looking for people who: We only play PERFECT regattas. That means 16 tasks at 135 points! You must play most weeks, although it is OK to take a couple of weeks off here and there. You must be involved and attribute to the co-op and our success... this means filling help requests on a regular basis. You must read the chat for important information each time you play! We are looking for friendly members who will communicate with us. OverAchievers ONLY!!!!!!!!

    Contact Us: Please contact me via private message here in the forums so that we can discuss if we are a mutual fit!

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    We are Helpers! We are #26 on global leaderboard! We are recruiting right now!!

    We are a serious racing coop. We have few and simple rules. We are an international coop and someone is always available to help or chat. We enjoy racing together!

    If you want a serious, active coop, then check us out!!

    Town: dragonhold village
    Coop: Helpers
    Tag: #HEURY6
    Minimum level 60
    16 high value tasks required
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    Co-op Name: Bad News Bears
    Co-op Tag: #D47S6S
    Co-op Status: By Request
    Co-op Description: Blue Anchor
    Platform: All
    Number of Members: 3
    Level Requirement: 40 (negotiable)
    Current League: Copper

    We are a new co-op with experienced players looking for moderately competitive players. Our minimum Regatta requirement is 1,200 points. Knock Knock jokes and Ron Swanson quotes are encouraged. We are currently in the Copper League but have our sights set to race in the Gold. We took first place in the Wooden League and are steadily working our way up.

    We can be reached on Line at Allerielle, on Facebook groups as Bad News Bears Township Mobile or ingame at #TWYVQ7

    Come check us out!

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    Co-op name: W U S
    Co-op tag: #WU3H4S
    Co-op Status: by request
    Co-op describtion: sailboat on a blue shield
    Platform: all
    Number of members: 6
    Levelrequirement: negotiable
    Current league: gold on global leader board
    Glb position: 199

    We are in golden league for 4 weeks and made it on the global leader board. We are highly competitive. We require 16 x 135 points and if we have hard competition we finish fast.
    But.... we are very friendly, helpful and chatty. We have a lot of fun playing hard. Everybody is giving input to our strategy. If you like playing with fun but also like to be on the global leader board and want to get to the top, this is the co-op to join. Hope to see you in W U S for a chat.

    Rainbow Texas aka Ulrike Fieglein

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    Co-op wants new members

    Co-op name is " New Horizons ". Tag is #NEWSEW
    We are down to 9 members because I've had to eliminate members who don't participate.
    The nine of us play daily and complete 15/16 tasks in regattas.
    The team is very helpful and friendly and will make you feel welcomed.
    Come give us a try.

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    Join Pandora’s Box, we are a friendly, helpful and fun co-op

    Co-op Name: Pandora’s Box
    Co-op Status: By request
    Co-op Icon Description: Snowflake on blue background
    Number of Members: 15
    Level Requirement: 40
    Language: English
    Co-op Tag: #PN4S9M

    We do 132 – 135 (or 135 only) tasks depending on how many of us racing at a time. We do all 16 tasks, and do task requests (securing the next factory, harvesting, ship or farming task for a short period of time)
    If you can’t participate in the regatta just set “not racing” on Monday before the regatta starts.
    We don’t care about placement on the leader boards, rather focus on having fun and finishing in the top 3 - we do most of the time
    We have a Facebook group for easy communication.

    If you are interested joining us or have any questions regarding our regatta rules you can send a message to me here on the forum, contact me on Facebook or just simply request to join us in the game – everybody is welcome and accepted!

    Dark Atlantis
    Pandora's Box

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    Hi Mayors

    Township troopers is looking for a couple of new and active players to complete the team
    We are a worldwide and multiethnic group of friendly players.
    We have players from USA/CAN – EU – AUS – RUS - and many other place

    Here you can find our requirement
    English speaking
    Level 70 or more
    Daily active

    About the regatta.
    Our goal is to stay on the podium every single race
    Currently we have an open streak of 21 with 13 wins
    We don’t run for the global standing
    Booking is allowed, and for that we have fine rules
    Booking rules will be posted in your inbox if you will join us
    Extra task not mandatory, but if it could change the result of the race we are used to do it
    We don’t ask for a constant regatta participation, but it doesn’t mean we will be happy if you will race 1 on 5.

    Rank of the players is currently set. Promotions and demotions are focused to guarantee a good refresh of the task board.
    Don’t ask / beg for a promotion; be a member isn’t a shame.

    That’s all

    If you have our same goal ask to join us, we will obviously look at your stats before accepting your request
    Our emblem are crossed axes on a blue shield
    Co-op Tag: #WX7E7N

    Gates are closed 12h before the start of a new race and reopened when the new race is on the way
    This is a safety in order to prevent unchecked players entrance too close to the race.

    Hope to see you soon


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    Hi! We are serious regatta players and a very dedicated team who races with gust and win. Most of us scores 2160 every Regatta, last week everyone playing did! As a result, we have been in top 3 in Golden league 23 times so far, consecutively for past sixteen weeks, and have won 10 of them including last one!

    The Co Op name is Regatta. I know that's very common, but that's what my predecessor came up with and it can not be changed. But it does what its required to do in just one word, it describes us.
    The emblem is golden shield with golden ship over a checkered wooden texture and the leader town is called "Gondor" (that's my town).

    There is an easier way to join us: Find me with a Code AN5TNH, and I'll send you an invite.
    Here's the required mandatory information

    ================================================== ==========
    Co-op Name: Regatta
    Co-op Status:
    Co-op Icon Description:
    golden shield with golden ship over a checkered wooden texture
    Android/iOS both
    Level Requirement:
    45+ (Although if you can satisfy the other requirements, we are willing to accept lower lever players as well.
    Co-op Tag: #REGZ38

    We offer:
    A chance to win you the Golden Sail, and a habit to be at top in every regatta.

    We're looking for people who:
    #1: must participate in Regatta (Opting out for a short duration is allowed whenever necessary)
    #2: finish all 15+1 tasks with high score,
    #3: love playing this game.

    Contact Us: Find me with a Code AN5TNH, and I'll send you an invite.

    ================================================== ==========

    That's all we ask for, and helping helps off course, although not mandatory.
    We do believe that life exist out of the game and we also allow you to opt out of participating whenever you need to.
    We love the game, the thrill of the race drives us. Most importantly, for us we want everyone to nJoy the game.

    So please do join us if you do so too!

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