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Thread: Level 75 Hardship

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    Level 75 Hardship

    Hi! How can i remove acorns in Level 75?
    I can't figure out.
    Please help... Thank you so much!

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    I wish there was a way to go back and look at your previous levels. Have you check out any YouTube videos?

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    The best way to clear all the acorns is to use a Rainbow Blast on them. So try to get some good matches to get the boosters. Also you may try to reach the acorns with some of those boosters which was a bit challenging for me.

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    I'm stuck on level 75. I've been able to make matches so that the fruit at the bottom in chains is broken away but when I make matches after that, instead of the matches 'going thru' or 'giving me a token in the acorn zone' nothing seems to happen. Any tips or tricks? (Btw I am cheap so don't want to spend any $ on the game.)

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