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Thread: 06.04 New Moderators — Amoria & thommmes!

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    06.04 New Moderators — Amoria & thommmes!

    Hello everyone!

    Our moderators search has ended and now we have tow great people strengthening the Forum Team. I'm more than happy to introduce you the new moderators: beautiful Amoria and wise thommmes!

    Some of you may already know these guys from the past forum communication, and those who don't — be sure to meet them!

    From now on, the population of our forum can turn to these brave superheroes for assistance with the forum or Township.

    Let's give our new moderators a warm welcome and wish them all the success! Hurray!


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    Congratulations to both of you (I also already posted on a thread started by Ann). Very happy to have new moderators and I am sure you will both do a great job!
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    Congrats, Amoria and thommmes, and Playrix. It will be good for the Forum to have Mods again.

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    I'm so happy the wait for forum mods is over too. Thank you and well done both!
    Forever living in hope lol

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    Congratulations, both of you!

    And many thanks in advance for your services for this community
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    Congrats! Congrats! To both of u... Much appreciation to all u have already done for this Forum, Kim
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    I just posted this on Ann's thread, but would like to do it here as well:

    Thanks a lot, friends. I hope I can give most if not all of you good assistance in the future. And I sure will appreciate the support of the "elders" in this forum, who may have a better knowledge than I in some case.

    My first goal is to improve communication between Playrix and their players. With Anastasia I have already seen a BIG step forward here.

    And even on her first day, Amoria did a great job with her stickies - here is my extra CHEERIO for you

    So let's go and explore new worlds in township

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    Congratulations to both of you...I've enjoyed reading your comments on the forum and know you will both be a positive force in out forum!
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    Good luck in your new jobs.

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