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Thread: How To Contact Township Support (iOS/Android/Kindle)

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    Question How To Contact Township Support (iOS/Android/Kindle)

    This guide is for iOS/Android/Kindle. If you're looking to know how to do the same in Windows/MAC, please click here.

    Before you read on, try switching off your device, and restarting it.
    It's amazing how much can be fixed by a simple restart. If a restart has not helped, you can contact Playrix customer support.


    Video guide to contacting support:

    Text guide to contacting support:

    The best way to get assistance with your issue is to contact customer support from within your game. That allows Playrix to view your specific game data, which is necessary for most problems.

    To speak with customer support:

    • Beneath your population count, click on the cog wheel.
    • Click "Help and support".
    • Look through the categories for some useful information.
    • If you still don't have the answers you need, click "contact us" in the top corner.
    • Select the relevant category, and fill out the form, including any relevant screenshots/images you may have.
    • Click send.
    • You should receive an automated response quickly, with a question asking "was this helpful?". If you need further help, click "no". This will let pass your request to Playrix Support Staff.
    • It may take several days to get a response.

    Can't log into your town to access Support?

    If you cannot get into your game to access Customer Support you should first check your Internet connection, and then try uninstalling and reinstalling the Township app. If you still can't get into your town, you can contact Support via their automated form. Be sure to give them your name in the game, the name of your town, your level, and your Friend Code (which is also your Town ID#) to help them identify you -- as well as confirming that you've tested your internet connection and tried reinstalling the game.
    My town is banned

    If you believe you have been wrongly banned from the game, you should see a message when you log in informing you of the ban and showing a blue "customer support" button. Click that and follow the instructions that come up to contact Support.

    An automated message should pop up that looks somewhat like this:


    Please use the links provided to be sure your ticket isn't closed automatically.
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