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Thread: 06.04 Easter Update in Gardenscapes

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    i can not play as it will not load , only since the up date , help

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    game not working

    im having trouble with my game as well it just wont load from the activity page

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    Nessun coniglio, nessun evento pasquale...Perché?

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    I have problems too after the update. Game isn't working at all . Please check your update, there are bugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by susandoble View Post
    need to what's going on, getting really fed up of game not playing.
    I still cant play tells me to refresh page all the time, i have reported it heard nothing and also pm'ed i think a moderator and still heard nothing

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    After the update(s) havent been able to play. Game freezes while loading. Any news on this? Would be nice to see a reaction at least..

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    Perhaps an answer would help stop repeat comments on this issue?? I'm at a point of deleting the game not because of the issue but the lack of response to players. I am sure, like me, they have put money into this game and expect better.

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    bei mir ist kein Ostern zu sehen und wir haben schon den 12. April. Und das Spiel funktioniert auch nicht

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nataly Kuzmina View Post
    Hey, guys!

    Our latest update is already here, with a lot of new and exciting content Here's the list of all the things we're introducing in it:

    Easter Feast:
    - Help the Easter Bunny throw a huge Easter party for the locals in an all-new story-based adventure starting on April 10!
    - Beat chains of levels to complete holiday tasks, bring joy to in-game characters, and win boosters and unlimited lives!
    - Get in the Easter spirit spreading across the garden and enjoy new characters’ sketches!

    New area:
    - Take on more than 100 challenging tasks in the garden’s new Water Cascade area!
    - Find out what balls were like 200 years ago and help Austin organize one!
    - Meet Alex, a present-day Cinderella.

    New in match-3 mode:
    - 40 new exciting levels!
    - New obstacles: Picnic Blanket and Honeycombs!

    With the best and warmest wishes from Gardenscapes team Let us know what you think about the update in the comments!

    spiel funktioniert nicht und das Rad friert immer ein. Auch ist das Oster- Update nicht zu sehen

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    no update since Easter Event, when will there be new levels im tirer of open chest,

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