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Thread: 06.04 Easter Update in Gardenscapes

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    mise à jours

    . :furieux::furieux::furieux::furieux: mon jeu ne fonctionne depuis plusieurs jours, je pense que c'est depuis la dernière mise à jours. y-a-t'iil une solutioon?

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    mon jeu ne fonctionne pas non plus.:furieux::furieux::furieux:

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    snap mine not working x

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    Enjoying the update so far but some levels seem to be reused? Btw anyone thinks the Easter bunny is a bit creepy? It's cute and all but the way it talks and walks in and out of my garden...makes me feel strange lol
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    My games still not working either wish u hadn't bothered with the update.

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    still not working, when wil the problems be solved

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    Idem pour moi, toujours le même "oups..."

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    the update does not work

    Quote Originally Posted by Nataly Kuzmina View Post
    Hey, guys!

    Our latest update is already here, with a lot of new and exciting content Here's the list of all the things we're introducing in it:

    Easter Feast:
    - Help the Easter Bunny throw a huge Easter party for the locals in an all-new story-based adventure starting on April 10!
    - Beat chains of levels to complete holiday tasks, bring joy to in-game characters, and win boosters and unlimited lives!
    - Get in the Easter spirit spreading across the garden and enjoy new characters’ sketches!

    New area:
    - Take on more than 100 challenging tasks in the garden’s new Water Cascade area!
    - Find out what balls were like 200 years ago and help Austin organize one!
    - Meet Alex, a present-day Cinderella.

    New in match-3 mode:
    - 40 new exciting levels!
    - New obstacles: Picnic Blanket and Honeycombs!

    With the best and warmest wishes from Gardenscapes team Let us know what you think about the update in the comments!


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    the update is not working!! today i had for one minute hope .i came to the point where it says examinate the pool or somsthing costs 1 star .i ve lost my star and cant go further !! im pissed off!

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    since the update the game is not working!!!!

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