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Thread: Should I Buy Mint & Zoo?

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    Should I Buy Mint & Zoo?

    I even been playing a little over a month and have unlocked both the mint and the zoo

    However it seems a lot of people hate/regret buying these things. I've even seen that people hate the jewelry store. I don't understand.

    The threads I have read say the mint is useless (how is getting coins useless?) and that the zoo is too hard but why is it too hard.

    Does anyone have concrete reasons why they like or dislike mint and zoo? I want to buy them, but people seem to wish they skipped

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    Most people end up not using the mint much because ingots are fairly precious and time-consuming to make. It's a better investment to put them towards upgrading trains, ships, and factories...or even purchasing decorations (if there's a particular one you want). Space will also become increasingly limited in your town. The higher your level the more things to build -- and that four-square space of the mint could have easily hosted a new factory or community building.

    Coins can always be made through helicopter (its booster is a godsend) and plane orders and general mining or just by growing wheat (no cost to plant) and selling on a mass scale.

    The zoo takes up a lot of building materials that are necessary for community buildings in your town. So on the lower levels especially, it can make it really hard to balance between the two. Even players above level 100 struggle sometimes with getting together all the materials and gems needed to purchase zoo habitats, animals, and buildings.

    Ultimately, it's up to you and how you play (relaxed, competitively, etc.) I truly regret building the mint (mainly because I find it ugly on top of useless), but I do enjoy aspects of the zoo.

    EDIT: The Jewelry Store has gotten slightly better with the newest update as it now takes ore rather than ingots. But again, until you reach the higher levels it's not something you'll find yourself using too much (ore is better spent elsewhere).
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    Thank you Amoria for your insight

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    I agree with Amorim. I chose not to buy the mint based on forum comments and have never regretted that decision. I did start the zoo as soon as I could and wished I hadn't. It takes a lot of time and really pulled my focus away from my town. Building materials used just for the zoo take up unnecessary barn space. I eventually realized my mistake and chose to ignore my zoo. Now that I have all my community buildings completed, I have slowly started back with the zoo, but still my main focus is my town.

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    I built the zoo as soon as I could and I never regretted it. Yes, it takes a lot of extra investment before your zoo starts to really pay off. My zoo is lvl 16, and I feel it's becoming more and more a coin maker for me. But the initial investment is definitely there, as is the extra barn space use.

    So if you're not into decorating the zoo (I am), I'd recommend not starting your zoo until you've upgraded your three trains to return 50% faster. When that is done, you get building mats aplenty and your ingots will go to factories upgrading, so you can more easily afford the extra investment.

    Now that we have regatta's on windows phone, I've come to appreciate those "sell hot items in zoo" tasks. These can go fast, and synergize well with developing your zoo and making gold coins.

    The mint? LOL. I built it at a lvl when it's price was pocket pay just to get the red star "new building" out of my building menu.

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    I'm lvl 50, so I've just recently been deciding on the same questions.
    I did not build mint, for it's clearly useless. And I bought the zoo, when I was level 45 or so.

    In general, you should not go for the zoo, unless you have no problems with coins and all your community buildings are completed.

    Zoo has two useful features:
    1. You can place some decorations there, most notably snowman and alike (which have a lot of levels of completion and generally look ugly until completed).
    2. If you happen to have a cheap and fast "hot product" option active in the zoo, you can take regatta task for selling hot products in the zoo. Two tasks for 135 points are easily doable in 8 hours, if you have carrots as hot product and have upgraded snack bar to five baskets.
    Besides that, zoo is just to provide some more stuff to do for those, who have no problems left in the city.

    The zoo buildings require bricks and slates plus some special item like hinge. Trains don't bring the hinges and alike (you get them buy selling products in the zoo shops). So, if you have built the zoo, you can at any time just ignore it, because its special items don't take place in the trains.

    In general, zoo won't hurt unless you spend your last coins on it. Mint is useless, if you don't use it and will actually hurt your progress if you try to use it.
    Jewelry store working on ore - I dunno, need to look at its stats.

    P.S. Zoo drawbacks:
    1. Its special materials (timber, hinge etc) don't occupy train carts, but they still take space in you barn, when you get them, so if you have trouble with space in barn, you can sell them.
    2. Zoo buildings require normal materials used for community buildings too (bricks, concrete, glass), so if you have an unfinished community building, don't build/upgrade buildings in the zoo.
    3. At some point nursery starts asking for red gems. While green and yellow are not rare and purple is not used for schemes in the lab (at least, most useful schemes), red gem is both rare and used in helicopter and foundries schemes, so don't spend red gems, which will probably stop your zoo at 3-4 enclosures.
    4. It's territory expansion takes ever increasing amounts of coins, so don't develop it unless you have like twice the coins you need in the near future for purchasing new buildings in your town.
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    50% faster trains? All community buildings? Golly, I'd imagine that'd take me a year same with clearing all the town land.
    Thanks guys for helping out this newb.

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    The ZOO definately, have never used the mint, and I have it hiding. And you can get gems from the zoo at the snack bar and the Cafe, not all of the time but quite frequently, I only use the the zoo, for that reason.
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    Yes... The zoo ends up being a huge payoff, though moving is slow... And it can about "beat ya to death" some days... But u will not regret it in the end... You can still mainly focus on ur town... I know I did until the Regatta started up, saw those task for selling Hot Items, so I started to take more of an interest in the zoo... And it began to flourish... Especially if u run the zoo on the zoo booster (when u have the gems to do so...). But remember, don't have several buildings or enclosures trying to b built at the same time... Only one thing at a time should b built and completed -- so if u have a community building being built, don't start a zoo enclosure until that community building is finished... Try and keep ur slabs, glass, bricks around the same count (this means u do have to delete building materials sometime, plus it frees up some space in ur barn...). The Mint, Amoria and others here are right, I have been playing a year and only used it a few times in the beginning... So u will have to decide on that one... It's not very pretty (big yellow wheel and all), but I placed mine beside my Municipal Court, added a tree and it blends nicely... Also, continuing on w/the OCD Thread (LOL) that we have been posting on... Another trick I learned is to "hide" some of the smaller houses behind buildings, cause of space issues... I like my town to look like a town... Good luck, and Happy Gaming and Smooth Sailing... Kim. PS: Another tip for zoo... U can just focus on leveling up and buying the community buildings offered at the zoo too... Upgrading them when u can... I went for the "Love Points" first, as this helps u level up faster at the zoo... I can't tell u how many levels I went up before I even started buying the enclosures, however u do have to have animals to purchase land and Upgrade the buildings at the zoo... Hang in there dear... Slow and steady wins the race... Though I have been moving like a bunny today on our event, my wrist hurts LOL...
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    I, too, read all kinds of negative comments regarding the mint and the zoo before I was ever able to build the zoo. I have never built the mint and know I never will. It's a waste of ingots and too easy to get coins in others ways.

    I am level 85 and have finally built all community buildings and factories but have still never started the zoo. I will eventually but am still working on upgrading factories, islands and even my trains as I quit upgrading them at 30%.

    I also want more barn and land expansions before I start my zoo. I have read about getting gems from the zoo but I get lots from my plane, the House of Luck and the mine so don't feel I am losing out on getting gems from not having a zoo. I also read about how great it is for doing the regatta but I finish all my task no later than Thursday and sometimes pay for one more, so again, do not feel that not having a zoo puts me at a disadvantage.

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