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Thread: Trading Gems

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    Would like it if a countdown timer was added to the event centre, just as there is on the pier, counting down to the start of the regatta.
    Forever living in hope lol

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    I have not seen jeweler yet either. Playing on IOS. Anxiously waiting

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    What is it with the Jeweler? Ever since he started showing up, his offer has been 5 Purple (Amethysts) for 2 Yellow (Topaz). That's it, same offer every freaking time. Where's the variety? Where is an offer that I really could use? Nope, same darn offer every time.

    Is it just me? Do I have to accept the offer before he moves on? What?

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    hi Charlie,

    no, I have had also different offers - like 5 each of purple and red for 2 to four yellow or green. Always much more of giving than receiving, esp. as the purple/red ones are much more expensive to buy, if I had to buy them (later, maybe).
    IOW, after the initial exchange for getting some more yellow and green, no really attractive offers, but that's in general, as far as I can judge the offers.

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    Hi cdosr. I have had varied offers and I have noticed that the Jeweler pulls from my largest supply of gems and offers up something from my lowest supply of gems. This has worked well for me so far. However, as I get higher up in the Zoo, the gems required for the animals is quite large and I don't have any "unwanted" gems at the moment.
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