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Thread: 10.09 The Animal Planet Event Starts Today!

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    Ha ha ha ha ha, I am laughing my @ss off.
    Now I discovered what the Lions eat. They have eggs for breakfest. My stomack hurts from laughter.

    But ok, it is a creative solution of the team. At least the Lions, Tigers and Crocs get their protein that way.
    Hi hi hi hi. Great find and no one can have something against that (I hope).

    Oh, and also these animals look great!
    I realy want to compliment the team with this peace of drawing art. And that is a serious opinion.
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    Adrian... It's just like in the movie "The Bible"... Noah's wife asks him what the lions will eat... His answer was, "Milk, after all they are just big cats, can't you hear them purr"...

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    Adorable! Reminds me of the dinosaur dig which I loved. Amazing artwork, your design team is beyond brilliant!

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    Fun event. Just wish it hadn't happened when my next plane wanted 30 sugars.

    My only gripe is that the items once again take barn space, which isn't the best timing just before a new release while we're trying to save up building materials.

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    Well, this is a bummer. No event for me. Still using the beta version as instructed (the email said to keep using it till the update was officially released in the App Store). Is anyone else using the beta version and have the Animal event working? If I go to open the original app I can see that the event is there but it comes up with a warning that if I overwrite the newer version it won't save my progress. So I've hit cancel and closed it. I've built a few apartments and upgraded a few factories so I'd rather not lose my progress. Any thoughts?

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    Hi Nona

    I never worked with a beta version so I don't know if this is normal or not. I would suggest sending a pm to Liza or Kuen to ask them what to do in your case.

    To everyone and Liza

    Anyone notice that we have the koala twice ? I had one with the Polar Bear which was cute. I now have one with the Chimpanzee and and Gorilla which do not look like a koala (more like a pig LOL).

    Sorry I can't get a screen shot on my tablet to show you
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    This is just like the egg dyeing event, which was a good one. If the animals depicted are any indication of the zoo animals, this is going to be spectacular.

    Has anyone noticed they're receiving fewer balloons than usual? I average roughly 20/day, and when an event lets us send stuff, it becomes very crowded, which is very nice of people. Today I've had maybe 5 balloons, they dried up as soon as I re-entered the game with the event started. Every so often (2x so far today) one will sneak through, but nothing like normal, let alone an event.

    The help needed section doesn't refresh very well, either, but that seems to change day to day.


    Side note to the admins: it would be very, very helpful if we could have the gifting counter we have during events be present at all times. So often I think I have 2 left, send one, and all goes grey -- the work is already done, so why not just leave it out for us? And, while we're at it, maybe the same "you have X left" message (which I instantly forget, but at least it could be a refresher) could be displayed with the golden balloons -- I can never keep track, and often end up looking when there's nothing more to look for. Thanks!

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    I've been playing on and off throughout the day and have just reached the koala. Received rubies which were very welcome

    Graylady, I hadn't seen the koala before. I'm not sure, but I think I had the panda with the polar bear.

    I too, wanted to use the double coin booster but hit the market one instead, and now my barn is getting very full lol!

    Suzy, I have been receiving gift balloons - can't speak about numbers as this is my first event, since adding friends from G+.

    The gift counter is at the bottom-right of the friends tab, and mine is showing a big fat 0!
    To those of you who have sent me gifts, I will return the favour, I just need to make some more sugar for the greedy koala lol!
    Forever living in hope lol

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    Pink: I haven't gotten to the Koala yet, but you are right it was a Panda with the Polar bear.
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    Thanks Nana, all of the animals are a bit of a blur now!
    Forever living in hope lol

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