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Thread: Regatta Rewards Stink (Merged Thread)

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    My co-op is fairly new, only a few Gold League races so far. We too were disappointed by the prizes. We were also disappointed by the few high-point tasks that were offered, especially ones that didn't take a day or two to finish. We realize that there has to be a mix of tasks and chosing the right ones is a part of the strategy of play. Even so, we tired of waiting for decent task and in the end found the rewards for all of our efforts, uninspiring.

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    Here I am complaining about the regatta rewards again. I won this last regatta and got 7 glass, 7 TNT, and 13 Township bucks. I like the T-bucks but the rest of it is pretty shabby. The biggest problem I have, however, is that the week before I came in 2nd and got a booster. Now I wonder if I should work to come in 2nd instead of 1st. And this is not the first time I have come in 2nd, gotten a booster and then came in 1st and got pathetic rewards. Hmmm.
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    I totally agree with the OP,the rewards are getting worse.T cash is getting rarer than hens teeth.We keep getting dozens of purple gems which are virtually useless.Amber gems are getting harder to come bye.You work hard to do 16 tasks and then get rewards like jam, french fries and purple gems.Come on Playrix this is Township not Ebeneezer Scrooge.!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronnie Rose View Post
    Hi Kai, Good to hear from you. Thanks but I am still happy racing solo. My problem is with the pathetic rewards. That won't change if I change coops.
    Come on over and join KAI and the rest of us. Your pathetic rewards might not get better but you will have us to commiserate with ! I did get a heli booster this week but it is the first booster I have seen in months. Thankfully I needed all those bricks this time.

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    It's almost better to come fourth or below and get coins.

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    I wish people would stop complaining all the time!! I am guilty of it in the past too, but it's beginning to sound like a stuck record now! No one is forcing you to play the game. And I like the purple gems now cos you can exchange them for the others. If anything I would like to see more events- they are an added bonus and keep the monotony at bay.

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    I would have thought better rewards would encourage people to spend more to get into the top 3 which would mean more revenue for Playrix. Has anyone posted anything in the wish list section? Do Playrix read this?

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    Playrix is Big Brother lol

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    Regatta Rewards


    I feel I must comment on the very poor rewards being offered for winning Regattas.I am with a coop on the MacBook platform that has been global no1 for weeks now and today I find one of my rewards are panes of glass and another was 3 purple gems (which are virtually useless, everyone seems to have hundreds of unused ones).If you sail in a team, win in a team you should all be rewarded the same.not everyone given different rewards.
    The people at Playrix must be making a fortune and it is us the players that have done that for them, yet why do they still treat us shabbily and keep rewards to a bare minimum while at the same time are always finding more and more ways to get us to part with our cash.
    Stop biting the hand that feeds you Playrix and start being more fair.[Rant Over]

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    Gold League Rewards should be better

    We finally made it to gold and our co op was disappointed with the rewards... we are very competitive, work hard and were excited to make it... but it was a let down when we saw the rewards. We really think they should be a lot better!

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