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Thread: Leaving A Co-op Mid Race?

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    Leaving A Co-op Mid Race?

    If I leave a co op, mid regatta, will my points stay with my team? I really like these people and don't want to hurt their score. I'll give them 14 task before I go if they do stay. I'm just a bored stay at home mom and it's not a chatty enough co op for me.

    I read the forums often and usually new co ops like meeting their players during the race. It gives them time to get to know people before they have to count on them. Strangely, What I'm looking for, is what scares me. The max number of tasks is not a problem. The demand for them is. A point requirement is even more daunting although I won't take a task under 127. I'm sure I'll find a place. I'm just struggling with now. Any thoughts or advice?

    Maybe I'll just explain myself immediately when I join. Maybe it will scare them, maybe they have the same views. Hopefully someone will tell me if I'm in the right place. And if I'm met with silence, I probably won't fit..
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    HI Melanie.

    I think your points will stay with the team.

    Kind Regards,

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    Yes, your points will remain with your team.

    The best thing to do while searching for a co-op is to be as open as possible.

    There are several stickies in this sub-forum with co-op ads that clearly express competitiveness levels and other qualifications. You should always feel free to PM them (or contact them by other means) if you have any questions.

    You can also post in sticky, "Players Looking To Join A Co-op," and state all of your concerns. Co-ops who understand them will then come directly to you.
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    There are plenty of chatty co-ops that don't require perfect scores. I'm level 54 and don't feel like I'm ready for the perfect score co-ops. Try the moderately competitive co-op threads. I'm on my fifth co-op and think I've found a good one. After you've been doing a perfect score for a few weeks is the time to try one of them. The game is supposed to be fun, not stressful.

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    Amoria is so right. Posting in the "Players Looking" sticky is the best place. Give lots of information, level, platform, how many tasks you can do at what point level, even time zone and time of day you want company. Have them PM you. Ask questions; you may not have to leave without your rewards. Don't rush. Post today so you'll have time to exchange messages. AND HAPPY GAMING

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    Thanks for the advice. I have my post up. It's been there a week. I've gotten quite a few replies. I've added a few more things today. Hopefully someone will respond to the new things too.

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