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Thread: How Do I Get More Coins?

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    How Do I Get More Coins?

    Im on level 58 but finding it hard to get enough coins for the next factory at 140000. I have 1300 town cash but never find anything to use it for. Any advice how to get coins in large amounts?

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    Personally, I like to use the double heli order booster in parallel with a heli task. By the time you're done with the task you'll have made approx 30k. Or even just use the booster when your barn is full, don't need to wait for a heli task if you don't want to.

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    Great tip Alex! A few other tips I have learned from the forum...helping others will usually get you more coin than selling items from the barn and you get clovers to use in the House of Luck. I've made as much as 8000 coin there. Mining can also boost you coin level, although I never use Tcash to open chests in the mine. Between the loose coin and the open chests in the vaults, you can accumulated quite a lot. Lastly, the time and true planting of wheat. It's free so you get a 100% return and it's quick. Yes it's boring...I do it while watching TV and it adds up quickly.

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    Do not hesitate to delete any heli order paying too little. Better wait for a better one. Some orders give more XP then coins, delete those too. Do a lot of orders in a row. As you fill more orders, their price should go up. Doing one order once in a while is not a good strategy. If an order take too long, delete it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry101 View Post
    Im on level 58 but finding it hard to get enough coins for the next factory at 140000. I have 1300 town cash but never find anything to use it for. Any advice how to get coins in large amounts?
    Save up. Focus. Every gold coin you don't spend on other expensive stuff like land expansions, community buildings, decorations is a gold coin you don't need to earn extra.

    If you haven't already, get your trains to 50% faster speed. It'll get you loads of buildings mats and mining gear. Building mats are useless when you're saving up for a big factory ... not really because they do sell. Mining gear is extra sweet because there's good gold coins to be found in the mine, little deposits, coin stashes and gold from boxes (where that 1.300 town cash will help).

    The helicopter booster is awesome. Don't forget upgrading your factories as well, to give bonus gold on helicopter missions. A little 5% extra everywhere has rather cheap costs in ingots but will help in the long run. And this is also why you want trains at 50% faster speed, to get the ore you need for all your ingots.

    The zoo can be a nice extra moneymaker too, if you focus on hot products and upgrade your shops to give bonus gold.

    I remember that 140.000 haul. It was long. It too me longer than it should have because I was also expanding land and buying decorations. So saving with discipline is my most important suggestion.

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    I'd like to what you spend in the market. Buying market baskets can really chew thru your coin. Trash heli orders that you would fill thru the market...the same with plane crates. Send planes empty or ask for help. The only exception is the trains, obviously you have to fill all the cars to get another train. You can make decent coin buying market boxes for hot items in the zoo.
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    I made some calculations and the fastest way to earn coins is farming wheat. But it quickly becomes boring.
    Personaly my favourite is helping others, co-op and friends. I allways get help in return then I need, that is more valde then coins for me.
    To collect coins I think sell items at zoo makes best profit. Especialy hot items we get double coins without any boasters using gems. I am only at zoo lvl 11 but get 35% extra selling items. The more I uppgrade the better bonus, much cheper then using ingots at factories if you ask me.
    On top of that I also send helicopters read other replies for tips.
    David K

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    I found that the best way to get the coins fast is by:
    - Upgrade trains so time is reduced by 50% I think the trains are pivotal to the whole game, they bring tools that you can sell
    - Stop buying expansion
    - Since you're not buying expansions, sell the land expansion tools
    - sell the community building tools. I found that the community buildings released at different levels from the factories, so I focused on the factory/building for that level. Not both, if that makes sense. I sold the tools right up until I bought the community building and used the building time to accumulate the tools. The only exception to selling tools, was the barn tools and mine tools. I never sell the barn tools unless they are accumulating unevenly.
    - stop buying market baskets.
    - stop buying decorations.
    - help neighbours like a boss. They bring better prices than the barn and the clovers give you a chance for big drops of coins. Upgrading factories brings in even better prices
    - work the mine, lots of coins there especially in the chambers and the ore only goes to upgrading factories which also brings more coins.
    - whatch out for the towns people at the heli pad, some rip you off, they give less coins than the barn. I dump orders that are under 1,000 coins, orders for multiple items, orders that are not complete unless I can make the required items in under half an hour. It's faster to turn them over by dumping the orders than try to make stuff for them.
    - when I was focusing on buying factories, I bought boost for the helicopter. I could make 100-200,000 coins per boost depending on my focus.
    - send planes empty if they are time consuming and focus goods to trains and heli pad orders. But, good coins comes from filling crates and the bonuses. Fill the crates in order so a row is finished. I also request help to control which rows of crates need to be done. This is in case I need to send the plane early because I'm running out of time or won't have time to take care of the plane. At least I get some bonus even if it's for one or two rows.
    - others like the zoo but I sold to the zoo last and before I went to the barn to sell. It's only now that I have all the factories and community buildings that I'm focusing on the zoo.
    - also, I wasn't adverse to just cleaning out the barn and sell the lot to make an extra 30,000 coins for the last effort to buy the factory.

    Good luck. You'll get there.

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    I agree that using the "generous customer" booster and placing heli orders is the trick to raising coins (well unless you are rich irl and can buy them with real money).

    I would add that you should also be very selective in your orders. I never sell gems or ingots! Those orders go straight to the trash. I also throw out anything that takes a huge time to get/make, unless they really make it worth my while. I summarily throw out anything offer less than a thousand, although that isn't always smart, just me being picky. But look at the order and weigh what they are asking for (time it takes to acquire) versus how much they are offering. Some deals are worth it and some totally aren't. If it is cheap offer or takes more time to acquire/make than the time for a new offer (usually 20 to 30 minutes - I believe based off your level), then trash it and wait. I always stock up (barn FULL (no barn, community building, or new land supplies) with close to 6 of everything) before popping the booster. Once popped, I play constantly, flying order after order until all the good ones have been flown and all the bad ones trashed. Then I sit back for half an hour and wait for next batch. Sometimes I will do 3, sometimes 30, but I average 1.5k per sale and I always have what they want in stock, so I am making that FAST! After a day or so of this (however long the boost lasts) I usually walk away with over 100k, and I am usually not trying or working that hard at it.

    Another tip is on the other side of your coins: what are you spending them on? One thing that allowed me to quickly make enough (and keep it) was to STOP expanding. I don't buy decorations (much) and I am skimpy with roads, water, and other unusable areas, so I am not hurting for land...But new land was costing me 10k a pop at my level, so I took a break and found I had plenty for all factories, community buildings, and houses. I agree with don't buy mint or jewelry store, but I buy everything else I need for planes and trains...I don't like paying tcash to buy from store! (But I still do sometimes). I also don't have zoo. I don't know, maybe I am losing money on that (would love to hear opinions of other players with zoos), but I figure it must cost lots for each animal, so I am waiting till I am in my 100s and I am looking for things to waste my money on; then I buy zoo. I take long view. Hope it helps but I know it is not a style of play for everybody. Good luck!

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    I too do not have the Zoo but am encouraged to read your tips in making heaps of coin .I am kept plant busy with what I have
    and I am on and of IPad all day.
    I have to be honest : I don"t have ships and not a co op member either.
    EdsVox of VoxVille have you any advice for me about my lack of ships and co op membership
    Hooked on your thread thanks heaps
    Summerville (township )
    Level 56

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